HALO: The Live Action (Web AND TV) Series

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn web series, leading to TV series

(This is old news for some, but new news for other!)

For years folks have been clamoring for a piece of Halo to make it to the big screen.  The adventures of Master Chief has inspired many an hour of game play and books.  But those rumors about a movie kept floating about the web.

All the while the silent majority of web surfers sat and waited patiently.

The movie was set to go with Peter Jackson set to produce and Neil Blomkamp to direct, it would have been an incredible project.  But alas, cost got in the way and the movie faded away.  (Microsoft wanted a huge piece of the pie, from many angles.)

In the background, Microsoft probably wanted a Halo movie to move forward, but as is the case with many 'video game to movie' projects, they don't always pan out that well.  Hence, my belief in why MS continued to hold back and wait for the right moment to do the franchise right.

In the case of doing right, MS did it right with their preview web series for Halo 4, with Forward Unto Dawn.

The web series stars Tom Green (Camp, Home and Away) as Thomas Lansky, the man we follow through the academy, the training, and the emergency that arises within the story.

Other cast includes Anna Popplewell (Reign), Ayelet Zurer (Man of Steel, In Therapy), Mike Dopud (SGU, Continuum, Man of Steel), Osric Chau (Kevin from Supernatural), Daniel Cudmore (Twilight franchise) playing The Chief, Max Carver (Teen Wolf), Ty Olsson (Supernatural), and others.

As you can see, this is pretty good cast.

To be honest, it packs a lot into the five web episodes that was produced.  We learn about Lansky and his issues with taking orders.  (And it's fully explained, versus just a statement and a guy acting like a dick unto himself.)

But as the story proceeds, details are teased and built upon until the pay out in the fourth webisode where the Master Chief shows up.  (Man, he's a big dude!)

It's not over the top, but rather, a well played out and written series.

Once you're done watching, I bet you're going to want more.

Guess what?  More appears to be coming.

Microsoft announced last May (2013) that they're partnering up with Steven Spielberg to create a live-action television series based on the first-person video game shooter called "Halo."

The term television series is used often but it's going to premiere on MS's X-Box, so few will see it right away.  But I'm sure it will make it's way to mainstream in one fashion or another.

Any way, Jackson and Blomkamp moved on and made District 9.  So that was cool!

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In the mean time, have something to watch!

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part 4


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