Recap of 'The Walking Dead' ep, Internment

Review of 'The Walking Dead' ep, Internment

This is a review of The Walking Dead episode #5 of season 4, titled Internment.

Hershel ends up dealing with a loss of a different kind, Rick and Carl finally bond on a level I didn't think we'd see yet, and then there's this thing about Carol that Rick needs to tell everyone about.


Rick's returning to the prison compound, and you know he's contemplating what he has to tell his team back there.  That he banished Carol for her actions regarding the two kills.  (Carol's version of Andrea mode)

Hershel is passing his home remedy to the sick folk.  He tries to make a joke but his fellow sick mates aren't biting.  (Oh, no pun intended.)

Everyone's focus in the sick wing of the prison is putting on a strong face, but it's hard to ignore the bodies dropping.

Rick comes back and Maggie notices immediately that Carol is not with him.  She instantly asks, and he tells her it was Carol, and she concurs with his decision.

Later, Rick tells Hershel about Carol and it appears to have impacted him.  But he gets distracted by more bodies dropping in the cell wing.

During the evening's episode, the outer fence breaks down and a swarm of walkers get in.  It's up to Rick and Carl, father and son, to keep the horde back.  Rick snags some AR-15's for him and son, and they let loose.

{ And suddenly, as Carl handles the situation, Rick looks over and realizes that his son has truly become a man in these times. }

While Hershel has to deal with a fairly large glut of dead flu victims...  and later, has to deal with having to put down his first patients.

It took its toll on him.

Not to mention that the team now lost Dr. Caleb, as he passed from the flu thingy.

And as if it's bad enough, a few events take place in the last few minutes that cranks up the tension from events from tonight.

Daryl and gang finally get back.  And now we have to brace ourselves for when Rick tells Daryl he evicted Carol... Or how Tyreese will feel about not being able to exact revenge on her!  But we'll have to wait until next week.

Then there's that guy on the outside of the prison, watching our earnest survivors...  the Governor is back on The Walking Dead.

Oh double crap!

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