THE WALKING DEAD recap/review of Ep 407, "Dead Weight"


Recap of "Dead Weight," pictured, David Morrissey and Jose Pablo Cantillo in The Walking Dead

Ah, tonight's episode of The Walking Dead has us still watching The Governor (David Morrissey) in his new life and gives us another break from Rick and the gang in the prison.

But what takes place tonight definitely demonstrates just where the Governor's mindset is.  Is he turning good or just adopting a family to make excuses for what he's done tonigth.

Because he's done A LOT to change the game for a few folks.


Martinez pulls The Gov from that pit we left him in last episode, and tells him that he's in charge of this new group and there is no dead weight.

The new group isn't that comfy with him at first, but take Martinez's word on it, that he's good for the group.

But that proves to be Martinez's big mistake later on.

After a foray into the woods, (Where the Gov helps put down some walkers), events take place that spook the Gov.  He tries to take his new "family" and escape this new camp, but they can't.  The road is blocked with a walker pit.

They return to the camp and the old Gov that we all know, comes back to life.

He then methodically eliminates Martinez, then his replacement, in a process that puts him back in charge of this new trailer park version of Woodbury.

And as he starts to take control once again, we see the episode finish up with him stalking the prison and watching Rick, Carl, Michonne and Hershel.

This ain't good news, and combined with the previews for next week, it's definitely not good with the Gov's vendetta for Michonne.


Last week, I had a fleeting piece of doubt, thinking that after discovering the family and taking them, that he had some form of change of mind.  But instead, we see that as he gets stuck in the trailer park, the he seems to feel forced to do what he once did in Woodbury.

On top of the trailer, at the "driving range," Martinez admits that he isn't totally on top of the situation of keeping the group safe.  And I think that pushes the Gov., before he himself even realizes it.  After killing Martinez, he was visibly shaken.  Shaken by the premise that he has to lead again.  Shaken, that is, until he recovers.

And now, it's possible the girls that went with him, Lilly, Tara and Meghan, will eventually also be in danger.  It's inevitable.  Or at least that's what I see coming up down the road.

And the sneak peek for next week, we watch The Gov. telling his new group that the folks in the prison are thieves and murderers.

Here's food for thought:

We skipped out on the prison gang to follow the governor over the last two episodes, before we learned how Daryl handled the news of Carol's exhile by Rick.

I wonder if we'll be treated to that reaction or it will be glossed over, as the Governor comes a 'callin on the prison.


One thing of note... was in a coversation The Gov was having with Meghan, he told her that his father is always mean to him.  Could explain a lot.

And is it me, or with The Gov killing Pete, and now sinking him off his new private dock, is he making a new collection of dead, like that old acquariam of his, that was full of heads?


NEXT week is the mid-season finale for season four, "Too Far Gone."


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