Box Office Thanksgiving Records Busted by THE HUNGER GAMES 2

CATCHING FIRE and FROZEN destroys the holiday box office

It would seem that this last five-day holiday weekend had some records broken by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the animated family fare, Frozen.

The two movies pulled in $200 million just this last weekend alone, while other premiering movies tanked hard.

CATCHING FIRE does well at the box office

Catching Fire pulled in $110M for the five-day weekend, busting a twelve-year record that was held by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ($82.4 million).  BOOM!

FROZEN movie does well at the box office

Frozen opened this holiday weekend and pulled in $93M, busting out Toy Story 2's record of of $80M.

Meanwhile, Oldboy, with Josh Brolin didn't even tickle the bottom of the top-twelve list, never mind top-ten.  It pulled in only $1.3M.  This is setting up for a huge box office bomb!


It's great to see two new movies set records, especially with a huge message being sent that FAMILIES need choices in the movie theater during the holidays.  Though as ticket prices go up each year, I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner.

And to be honest, if you did not take your kids to see Frozen last weekend, if it's still in theaters, it might be THE ONLY family fun film at the box office during the Christmas release weekend.

Fri 20 December
• Anchorman: The Legend Continues
• Inside Llewyn Davis
• Saving Mr. Banks
• Foxcatcher

Wed 25 December
• 47 Ronin
• The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
• American Hustle
• Jack Ryan: Shadow One

Fri 27 December
• Lone Survivor (limited)
• The Insomniac
• Osprey


Be it as it may, here's the top-10 movies at the box office from last weekend:

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire     $74.5M
    Frozen     $66.7M    
    Thor: The Dark World     $11.1M    
    The Best Man Holiday     $8.49M    
    Homefront     $6.97M    
    Delivery Man     $6.93M    
    The Book Thief     $4.85M    
    Black Nativity     $3.88M    
    Philomena     $3.79M    
    Last Vegas     $2.79M    

All numbers estimated, resource, BOM.
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