Dark Horse Previews for 1-8-14: Halo, Star Wars

I took a gander at a few things coming out from Dark Horse Comics on January 8th, 2014.

One preview was a Halo title, the other, a Star Wars title.

Halo Initiation from Dark Horse

Halo Initiation HC (A 3-Issue Collected Series)


Writer:      Brian Reed
Artist:      Marco Castiello
Colorist:      Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist:      John Liberto


Before she was a supersoldier defending humanity as part of the Spartan-IV program, Sarah Palmer was an ODST—Orbital Drop Shock Trooper—carrying out the most dangerous missions behind enemy lines!

(Light SPOILERS Ensue)

It's a time without Master Chief, and humanity must rally on against its threats, without Spartans. 

But in this edition, Sarah Palmer, as she drops planet-side to save a high ranking dignitary and a package he's carrying.  Her actions getting her noticed, to become a new Spartan.

In this issue they show her go through the process, albeit, quickly, of her becoming what makes a Spartan.

Three weeks of surgeries and improvements and a few new Spartans are immediately put to the test.

And this is the origin of Sarah Palmer and the Spartan-IV's.  A good, fun read into the new chapter of these new Spartans.

{ http://www.darkhorse.com/Books/23-764/Halo-Initiation-HC }


Star Wars Omnibus: Adventures has quite a few pages of comic entertainment....  almost 400 pages.

The story titles include

Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya;

Chewbacca and the Slavers of the Shadowlands;

Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear;

The Will of Darth Vader;

Princess Leia and the Royal Ransom;

Luke Skywalker and the Treasure of the Dragonsnakes.

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Other titles coming out on 1-8-14 include

Abe Sapien #9

Halo: Escalation #2

Shaolin Cowboy #4

Star Wars #13


Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom Archives Volume 2 TPB

Trigun Maximum Omnibus Volume 2 TPB

(I love omnibus editions...)

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