Entertainment News From The Week Ending Friday, 12-20-13

Entertainment News For The Week Ending Friday, 12-20-13

News headlines from the various shows and an ultra quick recap of them.  If you had not seen any of these headlines, check it out guys:

A.D. (Bible sequel)
American Idol
Bakery Boss
Cake Boss
Dog and Beth: On The Hunt
Duck Dynasty
Gilligan's Island
The Odd Couple
The X Factor

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Bah Bye Katie

Katie got cancelled.  The ratings were what some sources would call nothing great, nothing horrible.  Bottom line was that her show, in the time slot it was in, has a high performance expectation from the net.


Three Hour Tour???

Word on the street is that for some reason Warner Bros is working on a movie based on the old comedic series from CBS, called... yep, you guessed it...  Gilligan's Island.


Hope you didn't like Demi Lovato on The X Factor.  If the show comes back, Demi won't be.  (Man, how many judges has this show gone through?)


Duck Dynasty Down One

In case you had not heard yet, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was suspended from the show by A and E after making some unacceptable or insensitive remarks on various aspects of our humanity.  Not cool dude.


Oh, and there are now headlines out there saying that Sarah Palin is defending his comments.


Of course PETA stepped up to make noise and get caught up in the media, as they call for the show's cancellation.


Rumors... no, real rumors are saying that Jay Leno might be looking to jump on board with the CNN network.  Huh.


NBC is moving forward on a sequel to their very popular miniseries, The Bible.  It's called A.D. and will be a 12-hour sequel.


I saw a headline that Matthew Perry will be starring in the remake of The Odd Couple, coming to CBS.


If you get NUVOTv, you're in luck.  Dexter is headed to the network.

It will premiere there on January 13, 2014.

CHECK IT OUT... I just started watching the series and it rocks!


Hannibal S2

The second season of Hannibal is slated to premiere on Friday, February 28th, 2014.  Ug...  I can't handle that show.


Girls on HBO will have season three premiere on January 12th.


Dog Fans

Dog and Beth: On The Hunt has been renewed for a second season on CMT.  The show was the highest rated series on the net.  A renewal makes sense.


American Idol
Is anyone worried that American Idol will be very different this year?  The TV ad promos seem to be angling on a very serious tone of the competition, versus the comedic attempts they used to air in previous seasons.

They have been worried about the every so slowly dwindling ratings.

I guess we'll see.


HELIX premieres on Syfy on January 10th.  Will you be tuning in?


Cake Boss returns December 30th, and it will lead in to the new episodes of Bakery Boss on TLC.


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