More GODZILLA 2014 Viral Fun From M.U.T.O.

Godzilla 2014 movie poster

The newest teaser trailer for Godzilla (2014) came out last week and folks are pretty jazzed about it.  Mostly.  Instantly various sites out there started either praising or picking it apart.  As if a mere two minute, twenty-one second advertising teaser clip can tell you everything you need to know about a movie.

It's a teaser.  We've been teased.  And teased well, as we saw snippets of stars Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Bryan Cranston & Elizabeth Olsen.

It was good to finally see the much rumored trailer/teaser.

And with it, the viral campaign also started up.  The viral content is from the fictional organization called M.U.T.O..  (And no, I don't know what that stands for... yet.)  (FAN MADE VIRALS)

But here's two of the latest viral videos, referred to as "hacked videos from M.U.T.O..)

In them, one of them you hear the infamous roar that Godzilla fans have come to enjoy over the years, while in the other one, we see that humanity has been having problems with other giant monsters. (Kaiju!)

WHY, oh WHY does S*! hit the fan in the San Francisco Bay area???  I swear, if every movie had their way, my home would have been smite from existence a million times!

First up, the teaser trailer... after that, the MUTO videos...

{Teaser on Cinema Static}
Fan made virals and they're not bad actually.

{YouTube link 1}

{YouTube link 2}

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