SONS OF ANARCHY ep 612, 'You Are My Sunshine' Review 12-3-13


SONS OF ANARCHY ep 612, 'You Are My Sunshine' Review

First up, a review/opinion of the Sons of Anarchy episode titled, of all things, "You are my Sunshine."  (You will see where this title comes into play during the ep.)  My review is followed up by a blow-by-blow recap.

Tonight's episode has been said to be the beginning of the end for the club.  (If you recall, Kurt Sutter said there are no happy endings.  (Next season is their last))



SONS OF ANARCHY -- Charlie Hunnam as Jackson 'Jax' Teller -- CR: James Minchin/FX

Jax is dancing a dangerous dance trying to get the IRA guns off to any party interested.  But this dance leaves Jax being eyed as a cowboy of diplomacy, and that perception can harm allegiances or trust.  But man, he made some trick dances that worked.  Even (maybe), with DA Patterson.

But some dances are about to pan out for Jax.

Nero is finding outside pressure from his old alliances about his relationship with Jax and how it is hurting everyone's business. 

SONS OF ANARCHY -- Theo Rossi as Juan Carlos 'Juice' Ortiz -- CR: James Minchin/FX

Juice breaks down emotionally from the pressure, as we find out what has been his burden that's been wearing on him.

And Juice's secret is going to set Nero on a path we didn't see coming, as Juice, in a drugged stupor, confesses to Nero about killing that gun-toting kid's mother up at the cabin a few eps back.

Speaking of dances, Tara is in the middle of her own dangerous dance.  She makes her deal with the DA and makes arrangements to meet, while on the run from the club.... well, from Jax and Gemma specifically.

By the end of this episode, Jax has many of his relationships on thin ice.  And as his rep develops from his trick with Galen and Clay, I can't help but wonder as time goes on, that no one will trust Jax and the club.

And through it all, Jax eliminates the immediate threat by the Chinese, Nero soothes the Mayans for the moment, Jax actually makes a tentative agreement happen between August and the Kings (IRA), (Amazing as how he pulls if off, but then again, I didn't like how the Chinese operated.).

SONS OF ANARCHY -- Jimmy Smits as Nero Padilla -- CR: James Minchin/FX

I don't know but I think Nero gave Jax a temporary pass tonight, but once things are settled, there will be hell to pay.  The Mayans are growing their club and that will not be good for SAMCRO while there has to be repercussions from the Chinese for the culling that took place tonight.  (See below)

But the momentum has been set with tonight's episode, heading into next week's episode, the season finale of Sons of Anarchy, titled "A Mother's Work."


Bonus moments from tonight's episode of Sons of Anarchy?

Did you catch the subtle joke from Jax in the beginning of the episode with Tigg and another member?  It was a subtle and hilarious opinion on Tig's sexual indiscriminate mentality.

And we learned that Bobby is two handed "huge."


Episode RECAP

Jax meets with DA Patterson, and it seems that his prefabbed death scene with Clay and Galen seems to have been believed by her.

Jax tells Tig and another SAMCRO member things they have to do.  Tig says he's all over it like jizz on the other guys mother.  He says his mother is dead.  Jax pipes quietly in passing that that won't stop Tig.

Patterson calls Tara, asking if she has the bullet she pulled out of Bobby. (Evidence that can put the club away.)

Wayne and Gemma babysitting... and Abel asks, "Where's mommy?"

Jax and Connor: It seems, between them, that all is smoothed over between the club and IRA, but Conner gives Jax a nasty look as he leaves the meeting.

{I think sheet will be hitting the fan from Connor's corner.  -Bruce}

Then Jax steals back the guns from the IRA, killing their couriers.  Giving the guns to the Chinese.  But the Chinese boss is pissed, because he wanted to kill the couriers.  He keeps Happy (as leverage) and drives away without the guns.  He wants Connor in his possession to enact his revenge.  Jax suggests he can't do that.

Nero's guys seem to be losing faith in him.  They say their business has been hurt badly since Nero joined business with SAMCRO.  Nero agrees to meet with someone.

{It looks like Nero is getting the squeeze about being aligned with SAMCRO and it is looming as a liability. -B}

Gemma and Wendy: Heart to heart talk?  Gemma wants Wendy to clean up and be ready to step up and take care of the Abel and the baby.

Bobby and Juice:  They chat about why Bobby voted yes to off Clay... because it made sense and was good for the club.  Bobby tells Juice to go get a massage, and other "favors" from Nero's girls.  Juice snags a bunch of Bobby's pain pills on his way out.

{Everyone sees how stressed out Juice has been.  This boy who tried to kill himself has visually been looking tense.  A few eps ago, he had a car rushing at him, and he didn't even try to get out of the way.}

Nero meets with the Mayans, they're worried about the imbalance Jax's move with the guns will create.  The Mayans are building a Stockton chapter, with many members jumping on board from different factions.  They also see that SAMCRO pulling out of guns, gives them less pull in the realm of gangs.

Nero wants to stay nuetral, but there's "No Switzerland in the hood."

{This is where the sheet is starting to build, where tense allies are preparing to deal with issues and move in on the gap in power SAMCRO is leaving behind.  That and they're not happy with the leverage the new guns deal will give August Marks.}

Jax tells Connor they found the truck of guns, empty, his guys dead.  He tries to convince Connor to align with August Marks.

Tara shows up at her old office, expecting to hook up with Patterson, but runs into Gemma in her office.  AND later Gemma encounters Patterson down the hallway from Tara's office, as they exchange terse words.

Patterson and Tara talk, but Tara plays hardball, while she's still on the bubble about turning over evidence.  She agrees to meet Patterson later, after getting her kids (out for fed protection) and then giving her the bullet then.


Juice hits up Nero's place, "for pleasure."  He shows up high.  One of the girls takes him "in the back."  She leaves him alone to disrobe but Juice is either having an anxiety or heart attack... he dives for another pill, you can see the booze bottle in the background.

{Is this the end of Juice's run?  Is he going to get through this or what?  Ladies... did you get your eyefull of Juice's topless moment?}

Tara sneaks out of the back window of the cabin to go snag her kids.

Meanwhile, Jax tells Connor he's meeting with August, but the Chinese are the ones in the vehicles, and Jax hands Connor over to them.  Then as the Chinese grab Connor, the place erupts in gunfire as August's guys and SAMCRO let loose and kill the entire Chinese squad.

This was Jax's demonstration of what August can do for the IRA, while saving Connor from the Chinese wrath.  That and SAMCRO got Happy back.

Meanwhile, Gemma and Nero are scrambling to save Juice from his attempted overdose.


August and Connor finally meet and it looks like August may have impressed Connor with his ability to quadruple their business.

Nero and Gemma save Juice, then Tara calls Gemma, saying she needs to get up to the cabin because Bobby is bleeding out.

Gemma bolts and Nero is taking care of Juice, when Juice, under the pressure, confesses to Nero that he killed the kids mom back up in the cabin.  (Remember the kid that attacked the school?  His mom, who was important to Nero.  Jax said she died of an OD.)

Nero. Is. Not. Happy.

{And the beginning of the end for for Nero and Jax seems to be taking shape, while Tara's role with SAMCRO has started it's downward spiral.}

Tara shows up to snag Abel, and she has to pull a gun on Wayne.  When he asks her where she'll go, she says she'll be safe.  Wayne figures it out.

The Kings (IRA) accept the deal tentatively with August.  And Gemma finds out what Tara just pulled over her, and oh boy.  {Do I need to paint that red tainted picture?}

But while we think that Tara is going to the DA, it turns out she's on the run.  From all of them.

{That can't go far while she's driving her own car!}{Plus it looks like the previews pretty much spell out how far she gets.}

Now they think Tara ratted to the feds.

Nero shows up at Jax's house, angry, but see's Jax distraught about his missing kids and the implication of Tara ratting.  {It's here that I'm thinking with Nero on a vengeance visit, it's a bad bad time.}  And suddenly, we see that at his core, no matter what, Nero is truly a family man.  A kind man.  An understanding man.  A conflicted man.

At least for tonight, Nero is there for Jax.

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