AMERICAN IDOL Makes Like an American Annoyance!

It would seem, that no matter what FOX does to revamp their reality singing series, that American Idol is something that more and more viewers are looking to do without.  Even in my own household.

Normally, we like the audition rounds, but after so many years of the same thing, well, it's losing it's sparkle.

And the January 15th premiere of American Idol's 13th season of singer wanna-be's seemed to hit the extremes on both ends of the news, both good and bad.


The Good

AI dominated it's night in the ratings.

It netted a 4.6 in adults, ages 18-49.  (That money spending demographic that advertisers like)

Idol pulled in a total of 15 million viewers.

This was Fox's best night (in that demo) in the season so far.


The Bad (and ugly)

This was the lowest rated debut for the reality series, ever.

These specific demo ratings were down 23% from the previous season.

Total viewer numbers were down 16%


And I have to admit, I tuned in for the last 20 minutes of its second night, and I can see how they've tried to change it up to make it more interesting.  But only slightly more interesting.  I remember seeing the ads for the upcoming season, and rather than focus on the funny, they focused on the hopeful successes that will come out of the show.

Much like NBC's The Voice.

But Idol seems to have no voice.  The Voice hits it out of the park with their equation versus the old and tired outline of Idol.  And with all the original judges gone, as if that's not enough of a tell-tale warning, I figured the new marketing angle showed both Fox's hopes and worries about the show.

But since it still dominates the ratings numbers, more than likely, it will stick around.  Unless the usual seasonal fade kicks in and the numbers dwindle faster or farther down the charts than previous seasons.  At some point, the show will need to take a step back and realize that it's fading.

We'll see.

source: media life.
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