News From The Week That Was, Friday, 1-3-14

News Week Ending 1-3-14 -  ABC, Bourne Movies, Fox Marvel Movies, House of Cards, Paul Walker, Helix, True Blood

News from the previous week includes some of the following franchises...

- ABC To Diss Digital Pirates

- Bourne Movie Franchise Might Get Cross Overs

- Fox Studios Marvel Movie Plans

- House of Cards on Netflix News

- Paul Walker: The Accident News

- Paul Walker: The Fast and Furious 7 Character news

- Syfy Insecure About Helix?

- SYTYCD Audition News

- True Blood Gets a Recasting


Paul Walker:  The Accident

In case you had not heard the news, the coroner released some new information on Paul Walkers car accident.

As if we didn't guess this, it's been determined that the car he was in was traveling over 100 mph before the driver lost control, then hitting a curb, then a tree and a light post and another tree before bursting into flames.

It seems Walker's friend did him in.  What a shame.


Paul Walker: The Fast and Furious 7

It seems that with most of Walker's scenes filmed, there only need to be a few more tricky scenes to handle with regards to Walker's character, Brian O'Connor.

In what feels like a wonderful move/decision by Universal, it's been decided that Brian will be retiring from the ring of car wranglers.

No word on if any doubles will be used.  Yet.


Fox Studios Marvel Movie Plans

Rumors on the street were saying that Fox is going the way of Marvel with their Marvel properties.  The latest rumor is that they're planning a Fantastic Four vs X-Men movie, in much the flavor of how The Avengers worked out for Marvel Studios.

The news comes from all places, The Motley Fool.  What's interesting is that the original piece is no longer reporting this info.  But Motley Fool is not a blogger's site, but a financial reporting site.

My guess is they got a hold of a financial report, then Fox possibly stepped up to have them retract the info.

Eh, in time, we'll see.


Syfy Insecure About Helix?

It seems that Syfy has released the first fifteen minutes of their new and upcoming series from Ron Moore, Helix.

My guess is that marketing studies are not showing promise.  And in my unprofessional experience, it seems that movies or shows that are sitting on projected weak ground usually gets the early preview treatment.

I could be wrong, but we'll see.

Just do a web search for first fifteen minutes of Helix.


ABC To Diss Digital Pirates

ABC is taking a stand against digital piracy, of a sorts. 

Beginning January 6th, ABC will be delaying next day broadcast capabilities by eight days, for anyone who does not have valid access to the content.

Valid access would include cable subscriptions and Hulu Plus.  Then those who play by the rules will have access the next day.

Something to take note of:

Providers considered valid are

AT&T U-verse,

Cablevision Optimum,


Comcast XFINITY,

Cox Communications,

Google Fiber,

Midcontinent and

Verizon FiOS.

NOT included at this next day deal is:  DISH, DirecTV and Time Warner Cable.


House of Cards

If you like House of Cards from Netflix, you might be interested to know that season one is now available with director's commentary.




Auditions for the 11th season of So You Think You Can Dance are coming up.

Auditions start on Monday, Jan. 13 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA., then

Philadelphia (Monday, Jan. 20),

New Orleans (Friday, Jan. 31),

Chicago (Thursday, Feb. 27) and

Los Angeles on Sunday, March 23.

For rules and other info,


In case you had not heard, James Avery, of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air fame, passed away at the age of 65 this week.


True Blood

If you are a Luke Grimes fan, you might want to know that the man is exiting HBO's True Blood.

But his character, James, will be recast in the upcoming seventh and final season of True Blood.

I hate recastings.  They're so confusing.


Bourne Movie Franchise Might Get Cross Overs

Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass would seem to be in negotiations to return to the Jason Bourne film franchise!  So much for Damon not returning to the franchise.

How many actors does that make that say they won't return to to a franchise, then do?  Or won't direct another chapter, then keep doing it?

I gotta say, they need to quit doing that.  Money always speaks last.

Oh, but here's the odd thing...  Damon and Greengrass will not be replacing the Bourne Legacy sequel with Jeremy Renner and Anthony Peckham.

And with that, there's also a potential of cross-over films.

But this has me worried that there may be too many Treadstone movies.

What do you think?


I'm so tired of Non-News

Is it me, or do you find it trite when websites report what actors want or say about casting or movie production developments?

So many pieces out there say "So-and-so wants to play this," or "So-and-so wants so-and-so in his movies," or "what's-their-name talks production updates" more commonly called guesses and hopes.

Egads.  I know sites need to crank up web traffic with teaser pieces and actors need to crank out sound bites to keep fans interested, but I'd rather think that you, my readers, are smarter than that.

Or do you like seeing these kinds of conjecture pieces?

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