Is Kelly Hyland Leaving DANCE MOMS?

In Lifetime's Dance Moms, I usually suspect fabricated drama.  It was just too horrible how the adults acted around the kids, for it to be anything but!  But this time around, the drama around Kelly Hyland is real.


If you were watching Dance Moms the other week, we watched as Abby and Kelly got into it.  Kelly started yelling, like she usually does, and gesturing with her finger at Abby. Abby started chomping (literally) in the air at her finger, then we watched Kelly jab her finger in Abby's face, and then slap her.

We watched Abby call the police to file a complaint.  We watched the van with Kelly in it make a "getaway!"

But little did I know, this was something that became more than the usual contrived dramatic moments and is very real!

How real?

The production company had a warrant put out on Kelly.  Then Kelly turned herself in.

Kelly is suing Abby and the production company behind Dance Moms for "Assault and Defamation."

It's in her lawsuit, she makes note that the producers encourage and facilitate the conflicts you see on the show, between adults and kids.  That's something to keep in mind, though that's not any kind of earth shattering new news about reality TV.

Her lawsuit says she struck Abby to avoid being bitten.

Kelly's lawsuit is seeking $5M in punitive damages and also drags in

She's hired Michael R. Shapiro.


What a shame.  Kelly used to dance out of Abby's studio, and they've had a long-time relationship.  But over the last few seasons, we've seen this relationship deteriorate between the two.

Abby does seem to have a harsh method for teaching, but her style reminds me of old-school, hard knocks kind of training.  No sympathy, hard driving, marine corp type training.

And if all the drama is something instigated by the production company, then it's pretty funny to see how many fans have sipped the coolaid and collectively are leaving pretty harsh comments under the show's Facebook page.

And as you look around, fans have chosen sides, that's for sure.


As far as Kelly, Brooke and Paige are concerned with regards to their future in the show, sure, we've seen fights before, but I always suspected it was just the usual "reality" drama pumped up.

She's been verbally notified of being suspended from the show, but she says she hasn't been given that in writing.  (Seriously?  Split hairs much?)

But Kelly seems to have confirmed that next week's episode (Feb 25) will be her last (dancemomkelly) and Paige has tweeted that they are no longer on the show. (PaigeHyland1).


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