Have You Seen the GoPro Superman/MAN OF STEEL Short?

Superman Wears a GoPro

GoPro has this awesome thing where they're always putting up content from folks wearing their cameras.  And from the crazy growth of the product, it gets all around, from skydivers to surfers.

In a few cases, I've seen the vids where skydivers lose the camera, find it later after a 10,000-ft drop, and it still works, so we get to see the video!  Tough little camera.

Well, in Los Angeles a few guys took the GoPro camera wearing a step further than most.

First, they attached a GoPro to a drone and flew it around in several spots.  Then they took the footage and added some special effects to the film.

And they called it "Superman with a GoPro."

No, it's not George Lucas good, but it is entertaining and a great idea that I hope these guys get the credit for when (or if) this idea catches on!

Check it out, A day in the life of Superman, the Man of Steel: