BETTER CALL SAUL News... Delayed and Renewed

Better Call Saul

Just saw some fascinating news on the Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul.  It's interesting and weird, all at once.

First up, the premiere date for Better Call Saul has been delayed so now it's going to premiere sometime in the 2015 TV season.

The odd news is that AMC has announced that they've already put in a renewal order for the show for a second season.


The news itself was presented with very little detail as to why the premiere has been pushed off to the 2015 TV season.  We can only guess, that like any production that might be having problems, this is a stall to give Vince Gilligan and gang a chance to fix something they see as wrong.

And if you follow Cinema Static, you may remember the piece I put up a little while back that Gilligan was having reservations about the new show.


As far as a second season being ordered by AMC before the first season airs, I feel like that's just another form of marketing spin by the network.

As you know, if a show is doing poorly in the TV ratings, it can be cancelled, no matter what the contract.  And usually shows get renewal announcements if they're doing well in the ratings.

But to announce a second season before the show even shows up on the tube, well, I can only take a guess that this is some show of support by the network that they think it's already good enough for a second season, in the hopes of luring viewers into it.

Just a guess.

To be honest, I don't think this series needs much marketing support.  The Breaking Bad customer base is already established and looking forward to the spin-off.  But dang, this new delay is going to suck.

I'm sure in the coming days or weeks, we'll here some more reports on the spin on why these two updates have come about.



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