Entertainment News From the Week Ending 6-13-14

Entertainment TV News From the Week Ending 6-13-14

Below are some bits from press releases in my inbox.  Thought I'd share and give them the light of day, in case you have not see these TV news bits from the week...

-Don't Be Tardy will be premiering its third season on July 17, on Bravo.

-Face Off on Syfy will be premiering on July 22nd.

-MTV renewed Faking It for a second season.

-Remember that Grumpy Cat with the brown face and frumpy look that's been floating around the internet over the last few years?  He's getting his own movie on Lifetime, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.  LOL.  (THR)

- IFC network is having a Father's Day marathon of sorts... it will be a DILF day.  (You do the math)

- Major Crimes premiered this week.  It's a great cop show that's filmed like a mini-movie, and is presented with some smart underlying stories while dealing with the crime of the week. The premiere netted just under 7 million viewers for TNT.

- I Wanna Marry Harry - I guess there are enough smart people out there to realize they don't want to watch a show were stupid girls try to pursue Prince Harry...  or his look alike.  Fox cancelled this bone headed idea of a show.

- NAT GEO will be airing a two-hour TV event titled Kingdom of the Apes, with Jane Goodall introducing the show.

- If you're a Pretty Little Liars fan, you'll be happy to know that ABC Family renewed the show for two more seasons, its sixth and seventh.

- Power has been renewed by STARZ for a second season with 10 episodes.

- Sanjay and Craig has been renewed for a third season by Nickelodeon.

- Sirens, from USA, was renewed for a second season.

- Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge will premiere on July 6th on CMT.

- Season three of Street Outlaws will be returning to Discovery on June 23rd.

- Syfy Schedule change: The Wil Wheaton Project will be swapping time slots with Heroes of Cosplay.

- Hey, if you have Hulu Plus, The Bridge is now over there.

- The Flash, a spin-off from Arrow, will be premiering this Fall on The CW!  Keep your eyes peeled.

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