SURVIVOR Blood vs Water - Dec 2014 Season Finale

This was a fascinating season of Survivor for sure, and to make it even better, host Jeff Probst was putting on a wrestling announcers growl to the commercial lead-ins. Now that's excitement!


But more on the point, when we were down to a few folks, the nerves started to kick in. But only because there was the logical choice of a winner and then there's the emotionally handicapped choice that could win the game.

But the jury held fast and logical and voted the right Survivor to win the season.

We had watched Jaclyn's boyfriend booted from the island and then she was all alone. Something that she was definitely not used to. Then there was that very last immunity challenge, where the sheer weight of physical competition was tearing her down. She looked pretty exhausted, but that did not stop her brain from kicking in gear. In fact in that last immunity challenge she had a puzzle to make, and she looked down at her enhanced breasts, read her shirt, which was the logo of the show and the pic on the puzzle, and proceeded to come from behind and win the ONLY immunity challenge of the season. But boy, it was the right one to win.

Before that Keith had one the immunity challenge which sent the whole game into an uproar when Natalie used her immunity idol.  TV land was led to believe she would use it to save or protect herself, it seemed the logical thing to do. But instead, she used it to protect Jaclyn from getting voted off and that turned into the biggest move of the season.

Then Baylor got herself booted. Which is fine, since it felt like she was coat-tailing on her mother, who was called the wicked witch of whatever by some angry dude named Reed. Meh, there's always one in the crowd.

I had enjoyed Keith defying the odds all season, but when he got voted out, he sounded just like any other jilted player and that was a bit disappointing.

Then we got down to it and after all was said and done, we had Missy, Jaclyn and Natalie.

I was not worried about Missy, but there was an obscure chance that Jaclyn could pull out a win. I mean hey, this was the first season a "tribe" wasted all their rice and needed to barter away survivor gear for more rice. They seemed the typical kind of humanity that doesn't stop to think, but depends on others to bail them out of their predicament.

At the reunion show we saw Natalie win the $1 million check and she plans on sharing with her sister and parents.

To be honest, her twin sister was voted off the island in week one... or was it two. Either way, rather than bikering like they do or did, Natalies could focus and she was very smart in the choices she made throughout the game, and brace choices she made in the closing weeks.


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