BACHELORETTE Kaitlyn Bristowe Boinks A Contestant, So What?

BACHELORETTE Kaitlyn Bristowe

Well, that's that. The biggest oops in The Bachelorette history has apparently taken place, and all with the grunts and groans from within the room while the horny ABC film crew focus their cameras and sound gear on Kaitlyn's bedroom window.

ABC is definitely taking this reality TV to a new level, especially, if I dare, to call Kaitlyn one of Disney's new princesses?

And before I go much farther, I have to say that it is my fervent belief that for anyone to go on a show like this, their ego has got to totally out of control and bigger than life. No matter how nice or demure they might seem, it takes "balls" to live out your date hunting habits on national TV.

With that said...

(BTW: Does Shawn Booth not look a lot like Ryan Gosling? Just saying.)


So if you watch ABC's The Bachelorette, you know that the lucky girl is Kaitlyn. On The Bachelor she almost won that round of the game show had Chris picked her. But no worries, he already broke up with who he did pick, and thus, he would probably have broken up with Kaitlyn by now too.

But in that season, she seemed fun and quirky. A breath of fresh air.

But alas, this season, we see just HOW fun and quirky Kaitlyn really can be. From kissing every man (nearly) by the end of the first or second episode, to having obviously not waiting for the fantasy suit and having boinked Nick in last week's episode.

But wait? First, Nick showed up in the middle of the season, mysteriously.

The going questions that loomed behind that is how did Nick know where she and the production crew were? How'd he get himself inserted into the show? And for me, why did everyone else stick around after that?

And then there's the mysteriously alleged sex Kaitlyn already had with another guy in the house prior to the Nick boinking! What???

According to Ali Fedotowsky, this happens on the show all the time and suggests that one bachelor once tapped 6 of the 25 girls on his show, during the season.

And word on the street is that Shawn and Kaitlyn already did "the dirty" way early on in the season.

The one thing we now do know, is if you ever start dating Kaitlyn, well, you will be having fun pretty soon.


All this publicly aired (on ABC) boinking has split the fans down the middle. Some are completely shocked and disappointed while others are saying, so what's the big deal.

In other words the fans have identified themselves as the conservatives and the players.

That's just life, period.

I'm just amazed how Disney owned ABC is playing up all this "fooling around" stuff. To be honest, the moaning and groaning they played during the "Nick boink" episode seemed like a soundtrack straight off a porn video.



And then there are the spoilers about who wins this season of this game show?  Reality Steve (RS) has an inside source who gives up a lot of info on the show, almost all before it airs. But this season there's all kinds of controversy going on with who won, if anyone.

Here's where the spoilers kick in:


-Kaitlyn and Shawn boinked early on in the season.

-Because there seemed to be a very strong connection between Kaitlyn and Shawn, ABC brought Nick in to mix it up a bit. (That's how Nick ended up in the show.)

-Despite what ABC says about how Kaitlyn and Nick are mere social media buddies, RS said they had a thing going beyond that, when she got the call to be the Bachelorette.

-Now the original spoiler was that she gives the final rose to no one.

-Then she might have given it to Nick.

-Now she may have given it to Shawn.

How's that for covering your bases?


But wait, there's more juicy, ratings building news.

Apparently Kaitlyn goofed and released a SnapChat video last week of her and Shawn in bed. Then after that, Shawn has been seen actively flirting up other women in public settings.

Which leads me to believe that she DID give the final rose to Shawn.


Because as far as I can tell, normally we hear very little about any game show contestant hitting up the club scene and actively flirting with anyone on the planet before the season ends.  And now suddenly, (especially after the SnapChat thing), Shawn is seen mingling with women?

I could be totally wrong, but it sounds like a misdirect to keep us guessing about the season finale of The Bachelorette. Or she is screwing around with Shawn is still playing the field.

So once again, people are bagging on Reality Steve for possibly being wrong. He's been wrong twice... in how many seasons?


OH, and about that magical hook up between Britt and Brady:

At the end of every episode of Kaitlyn kissing everyone, we see a quick blurb about Britt and Brady.

It sure is cool that they hit it off despite not making the show.

But per Reality Steve (last paragraph at the bottom of this link), it's all for naught and they've broken it off.

Oh well, it seemed too good to be true. And if you've seen them around, they're only keeping up the faces to keep it alive for the TV end credits snippets.

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