DVR Record Issues with EMPIRE and AMERICAN IDOL

Empire on Fox

Last season I had to end up recording Empire to my DVR collection for latter viewing. No biggie, right? I set up my DVR to record new episodes of Empire.

Whenever I set up a recording for a show, it has been fairly bullet proof. But then again, this kind of technology banks on good information to be delivered with the signal from the network. (If you've ever wondered about programming information on your menus, and it is wrong, don't blame Comcast or DISH...  the information comes from the network.)

SO it has been a while and I finally got around to watching Empire. Here's the oddest thing though:

Every episode is two hours long..

What? Yep, every episode of Empire is two hours long. I know that sounds odd for a one-hour drama, but what seemed to happen was that Fox was sending the codecs for Empire during American Idol.

What that means is that when I start an episode of Empire, I hit that 300x fast forward mode until the first hour is up so I can start to watch my show's recording.

Weird. Has anyone else had this issue?

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