GAME OF THRONES: Theories Saying That "Character" Is Not Dead

If you read any further, you will be spoiled totally for the season 5 finale of HBO's Game of Thrones that took place last Sunday, June 14, 2015.

But if you must, or, you have already seen it, then by all means, come on in...


 In the last episode of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow had a very bad night. A young man came into his office saying someone has been seen that he's looking for and he must come quick. Like a fool, he follows this young man who earlier in the season evidenced his disdain for Jon, but none-the-less, he follows him out the door and into a crowd.

The crowd, unfortunately, are the half of the Night's Watch that don't like how Jon runs things, and Jon finds himself being impaled on each person's sword, as the bastards mutter with each thrust, "For the Watch," for some such crap.

{ To be honest, I'm getting very tired of having characters I like getting killed off. Seriously, there aren't that many characters in GoT that I do like... }

In fact, while he lay there, bleeding out, his blood oozing past him, I kept hoping it would crawl back into him. Sigh, alas, it did not before fading to black on that scene.

- - -

I presume he's dead, since author George R. R. Martin seems to like killing off people we like. But then I started spotting a few theories floating around the web.

I'm going to get right to it, in as simplistic a terms as possible:


Jon is not Ned’s bastard son as we've been led to believe, but rather, he is the son of Lyanna Stark (Ned’s sister) and Rhaegar Targaryen (Dany’s older brother and son of the Mad King and rightful heir to the throne).

It has been stated in the show and the books through various round-about fashions.

And then as a baby, Jon was spirited away and hidden from the powers to be, because they were on a witch hunt to kill all Targaryen children.


Remember that the title of the book series the HBO show is based on is "A Song of Ice and Fire."

If Jon is a Targaryen, the son of Lyanna Stark (Ice) and Rhaegar Targaryen (Fire) the theories are that the show is truly about Jon Snow or Jon and Daenerys, he being ice, she, fire, getting together and becoming King and Queen of Westeros and thus, the unity of Ice and Fire.


{ Heads up Night Watch a-holes... I would not burn this one if he is a special Targaryen. Just saying... we've seen what happens. }

- - -

With all those thoughts in place, let's look at a few other thoughts...

He's thinking, I should have had a V8!

First up, he's not dead. Yet. We just saw him in the snow, bleeding out after being stuck in the gut a dozen times or so. But did we see him die or just lay there in the process of letting his life force ooze out of him?


One website suggested he was warging into his direwolf, Ghost. (Consciousness transferring). But it has never been suggested he can do that or has done it. But we keep seeing that direwolf from time to time. For some reason. Right?


Would the red priestess have any reason to raise him from the dead? I mean she has the ability, she just totally fu*ed over the guy who believed in her visions and got him and his men killed (guilt), and she is at Castle Black.


If the Night Watch go through with procedure and burn his body, and he's a special Targaryen, the pyre (that he would be immune to) could kick in the mystical powers of his blood and bring him back so he could assume his mystical destiny of being Azor Ahai.

- - -

Or he's dead and move on. Whether he becomes a white walker, is magical or something else, maybe he is just dead. Period.I hope he's not dead, but we live on hope and hope alone sometimes, right?

But he died not knowing his true lineage? That's just something wanting to happen!

Plus the theories are that he was part of the triumvirate, or the three heads of the dragon, those being Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon Snow. But, but...

Not to mention how many of the cast and crew behind the show have stated in no uncertain terms that Kit Harrington is not returning to the show, thus, his character is dead. You can even see it evidenced in the fact that Kit has finally cut that shaggy mop of his. WAIT... I misspoke. He said in an interview he will not be back for season six. And with what amounts to seven planned seasons, well...

Though to be honest, I've been duped by showrunners before and even if he does have his hair cut, there are always hair pieces of shaggy dogs that were run through a blender, or that he could be coming back with short hair, or it could grow out just enough for the next time he appears. IF Jon returns.

I can hope.

- - -

| - - - EXTREME Game of Thrones SPOILERS - - - |

- - -

So I was talking to someone who has not watched the show but has read the books. He's been an excellent sounding board to talk to, while he's been keen witted in not spoiling anything. Plus, I have never asked him anything directly before.

Until today.

So I asked him a question directly. He said nothing. But the look on his face suggests that he should never get into a poker game with me or anyone else.  Thanks Scott... now season six will be slightly more bearable to wait for, knowing the truth.

Oh... wait... I didn't tell you what I asked him, did I?  Bummer. Unless of course, you surmised it already. (I'm talking to those of you who have not read the books.) Ask me in the comments and I'll tell you what I asked him!

- - -

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  1. What you ask him?


    Ah man, called out early! I asked him if Jon Snow is dead permanently. My friend's attempt at looking cool or nonchalant failed miserably. And I believe Kit's statement about "not returning for season six" means he'll be back in season seven! Or he's lying through his teeth!



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