Feige Talks ANT-MAN Spoilers, The Wasp, Civil War

Kevin Feige talks ANT-MAN, The Wasp, and Captain America: Civil War.

Kevin Feige Outs ANT-MAN Spoilers plus some additional details about The Wasp, and Captain America: Civil War.


I do not believe it, but within a day or two of the opening weekend, Marvel's creative brain helming the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) put out some interviews and statements that pretty much outed some of the best surprises from the Ant-Man movie, starring Paul Rudd. WTF Kevin Feige? What's with the spoilers?

You would think they have zero faith in the film or word-of-mouth, considering how fast Feige was out with details about the scenes.  Then again, it was the top performing film of its opening weekend last weekend ($57.23M), but it was also Marvel's second lowest earning opener since 2008's The Incredible Hulk.

OK, so Ant-Man is a bit of an obscure character for some, but still.


With that being said, I will be talking about these spoilers that Feige tossed out there, so leave if you must. Or stick around, since it will be inevitable you will or already have found yourself in the midst of these spoilers.




First up, I have never been a fan of alternate endings... we got the film as they saw fit, and that's that. But they say that with Ant-Man there was a cut scene that seemed important, that being that the character Mitchell took off with a sample of Cross particles. And if you remember, Mitchell was associated with Hydra.

I guess originally Ant-Man faced off with Mitchell in the original version, but they pulled that scene.

Bigger picture I guess.


Ant-Man shows up in Captain America: Civil War

One source says that when Ant-Man shows up in Captain America: Civil War, he may be carrying some angst about the bigger group of heroes that is not far off from Hank Pym's feelings about the team.

AND that the post-credits scene of Ant-Man with Cap and Falc, is indeed a scene from the middle of the Captain America movie.


At the end of Ant-Man, we see Hank Pym offer a new Wasp suit to his daughter, Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly). So the question remains if we'll see the character in the upcoming Civil War movie?

Feige has indicated that we will be seeing The Wasp in an upcoming Phase 3 MCU film, but not in Civil War. The reason being is they want to pay more attention to her character than just an appearance in a big ensemble film like Civil War is turing into.

Lilly's contract is for two films and an additional appearance, if in fact they use her character to such an extent. If that helps you ponder what's going on.

Theories are that we'll see The Wasp in the two Avengers: Infinity War films.


appearance of Anthony Mackie as The Falcon in Ant-Man

So if you've dodged most of the TV clips, then you were totally and happily surprised by the appearance of Anthony Mackie as The Falcon, and it was an awesome surprise.

In it, Lang (Paul Rudd) is heading to an old Stark facility to get something, but it turns out that it is the new Avengers facility.

There's an Easter egg of sorts in there, when Ant-Man first sees the facility, and those are new landmarks and buildings on the facility that we won't see again until Captain America: Civil War.

I loved how The Falcon and Ant-Man interacted. It made Falcon look pretty bad-ass, even if...  well, you'll see.

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