Hoax, I Mean SHARK WEEK on Discovery

SHARK WEEK on Discovery

Discovery Channel is hosting its Shark Week, which starts on July 8th, is notorious for ordering up half-truths and inflamed embellishments. Much like any good documentary channel does these days.

I've seen other "documentary-like" shows on various networks where they've been caught asking scientists one thing, then editing it to make it sound like the guy believes in the Loch Ness Bigfoot. It's a bit of a sham. But as it has been know to happen, its the ratings that truly rule the roost when it comes to TV, and its the gullible that soak this shit up and spend money where the advertisers point them.

(Damn, that sounded harsh)

But what if there were no sharks to make money from? Would they have a rabbit's week?

If you want to see Discovery Channel be kept honest, check out  @WhySharksMatter on Twitter. He fact checks the shows the network puts up!

Check out this fantastic YouTube series on sharks... the real low down...


And if you really must, here's the link to the schedule of Shark Week on Discovery.


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