Paul Walker's Brother Carries On

Paul Walker (RIP) in Furious Seven

The world was devastated when Paul Walker died senselessly in a stupid-ass solo car accident. His brother stepped up to fill in a few spots the production needed to complete for the Fast and Furious film that was in production.

I guess Paul's brother, Cody Walker, liked the gig enough  and will be doing more movies.

Well, at least one more that I know of.

He has a role in USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, starring Nicolas Cage and Tom Sizemore, in a film about an incident during world War II. Near the end of the war the ship was torpedoed leaving the crew vulnerable to things like dehydration and shark attacks. After all was said and done, only 300+ crew were left out of the original complement of a thousand.

The ship, by the way, was carrying parts for the first nuclear bomb.


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