More news updates from San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (SDCC) about The CWs The 100, both Walking Dead shows (Premiere dates and trailers), a new title from the Star Wars world, a tiny blurb about Marvel's Blade franchise and ...

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I actually like The 100 on The CW, but after last season I was wondering where they were going to go with the story. Well, they will be starting off season three with a time jump, starting up a few months after Clarke left the group. With her gone, Bellamy will be stepping up to helm the group of survivors. Octavia will have issues returning to the civilized camp and Raven, well, you'll see.

Jaha will play a huge role this season.

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Fear The Walking Dead has a premiere date!!! The series premiere of Fear the Walking Dead will be on August 23, 2015. MARK YOUR CALENDARS.  Also, The Walking Dead will be returning for season six on October 11th with a NINETY MINUTE episode.

This season Rick has flown the cuckoo nest and Morgan is there to stop him.

Official Comic Con Trailer


The producer told the gang in the Hall that you should be careful how anyone interprets the trailer. "We sometimes play with the truth in trailers."  Damn.

They also said that the wolves from season five will be back in a surprising way. Oh god, Wolfen!!!

Comic Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 6

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Marvel announced that they will be producing a Chewbacca comic title.

The comic will take place after the original movie where Chewie crash lands on a planet controlled by Imperial forces and helping a young girl while plotting his escape.

The series will launch in October.
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Wesley Snipes is supposedly talking with Marvel to reprise the role of Blade. He did a great job with the character previously with just enough camp to make it fun and not take itself too seriously. I wonder if he could muster up a darker version since Marvel movies these days are getting more real?

You see, Marvel got the rights back to the character so they'll figure it out from here. There's been consideration for making a Netflix version but then that sort of series over there are trying to be more grounded.

We'll see where this goes. As long as this time he files his taxes. Right now there has been no decision, only a soundbite saying he spoke with them.

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For some reason FOX is looking to reboot the Urban Cowboy movie into a TV series. The scary part is that Craig Brewer is writing and directing the TV project. Which means he'll just redo the 1980 movie, move for move.

I only say that because Brewer helmed the 2011 remake of Footloose, and that was nearly a Xerox copy of the original and was a total waste of time.


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