NEIGHBORS (2014) Movie Review

Neighbors (2014) review

Neighbors is a slow burn to start, gets funny at times in the middle and doesn't quite know how to end without another slow burn. And the comedic film can never be watched with kids in the room. Then again this is a Seth Rogen flick, where he loves his pot and sex references.

The film starts out with us watching Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) trying to have sex with a baby in the room. Mac already has issues of a sort and this doesn't help. This sets the tone for a slow opening act where we learn a lot about our couple's life and issues in an overly slow intro peppered with Rogen's usual brash humor.

Then we get to see a fraternity move into the house next door. Instead of glossing over the act of the fraternity moving in and that's that, we get a lengthy piece of history about what they're about and their lofty, fraternity-like goals.

This intro is almost too lengthy. The frat boys cast includes Zac Efron and Dave Franco.

But the middle act gets revved up and can be funny in spots, but as the story winds down, the third act carries on beyond where it really needed to go, but carry on it did.

Overall, a cute but long-winded comedy, rife with Rogen style humor.

I was pulled into wanting to see this flick from the trailers but to be honest, though I did not dislike it, I'm glad I did not drop bucks on it. But that's just me and my sense of humor is different. It does not suck... it just did not agree with this guy. If you like this kind of humor, then you should be OK.

IMDb users have given the movie a 6.4/10.

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