SURVIVOR's Newest Idol Twist


EW is reporting that CBS is changing up the next season of Survivor in what I think, is a game changing maneuver. Next season there will be a few twists in the upcoming season of Survivor, titled Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance.

First, fans are able to vote on who is going to be on the upcoming season of Survivor, that that's cool. Fan voting can bring out populars, favorites, and even the most hated. Sometimes we love hating, right?

The other big twist coming out with season 31 (yes, 31) of Survivor is how idols will be hidden or handled.

First, just to f! with the contestants, the immunity idols will all look different.

The producers think that if the idols look look complicated and then like some child made it, it will mess up people's games when it comes to making deals.

I think it will be a minor snag for a few moments but then the island dwellers will catch on. Or someone can hatch some elaborate schemes involving fake idols that might work... once or so.

The other change is what caught my eye, and that is that they will be hiding idols in the middle of challenges.

Dang. That's evil and I like it.

The plan will be like this...

As the islanders find their hidden idol out in the woods, it won't be an idol, but a clue as to where, in the upcoming challenge, it will be hidden. As as Jeff Probst puts it in the article in EW,

"You will know exactly where it is. There is no search. The only question is, can you do it in front of your tribe in the middle of a challenge and get away with it? I love that.”"

LOL... this like that cornucopia thing in The Hunger Games... there is your bag and all the stuff that will help you with your game. Except, well, can you survive running out there and snagging it?

It seems the same.

If you know where it is, do you blatantly go for it? And if you do, do you sacrifice your game for it? Do you sacrifice family video time? Food or the immunity challenge? Sure, sacrificing the immunity challenge seems moot to snag the immunity idol, but you'll be giving up your game for it.

Unless you create a trusted (HA!) micro-alliance, like in The Hunger Games, and arrange for multiple people to have a chance at snagging it.

It is definitely a fascinating new angle. But will it be an exciting one or one that pans out as people work together? One thing is for sure... even if one person knows what's up, when have you ever seen someone play it smart and keep their mouths shut? They won't, Then the persons they tell will tell others and then the entire tribe knows.

We'll see how it goes. That's for sure.

Survivor premieres on September 23rd.


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