LIMITLESS Series Premiere Review: (This Looks Fun!)

The series premiere of Limitless hit viewers with a fast paced start that just kept going throughout the entire hour. An hour that was very entertaining.

Part of that entertainment factor comes from the combined talent of the cast and production crew. The writers of the series can count shows like Medium, Jericho, White Collar, & Revenge in their resumes. Producers of the show include Bradley Cooper, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Marc Webb. Yes, that Webb.

We have a TV series that extends the world of the 2011 movie by the same name that starred Bradley Cooper. But this time around we follow Brian (Jake McDorman [American Sniper]) who does not quite have the life he ever envisioned, happening upon NZT, a drug that jacks up the brain and then makes you literally the smartest person on the planet. And being the smartest person on the planet, well, there's no limits for that person.

Brian finds himself caught up in the middle of a series of murders and finds himself being pursued by Agent Rebecca Harris, played by Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter). Her boss is played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Bradley Cooper showed up in this episode, reprising his role of Edward Mora. Originally he's been quoted to saying he may show up from time to time, but sources have him making four different appearances in the show.  We'll see if sources are right.

The story follows Brian as he cycles through confronting a murder, running from the cops, coming down of NZT, getting more NZT, getting back on the trail of the killer, confronting that person, then coming to grips with the cop pursuing him.

It was great seeing Carpenter back on the small screen. Her portrayal was not much different than what Dexter fans became acclimated to, but who cares, it was perfect for the show.

McDorman pulls off a quick-witted intelligent person, speaking fast, but not too fast, demonstrating his intelligence.

This show gave us a story and peppered character building moments into it, making it a story that had legs while having dollops of character for flavor.

This, so far, is the best new series to date that I've seen. I love it and look forward to more Limitless.

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