GODZILLA (2014): Interesting Observations of The Friend of Humanity

GODZILLA (2014): Interesting Observations of The Friend of Humanity

Disclaimer: I am a long-time fan of the Godzilla franchise and the 2014 version was one of the best productions of the big green guy. The story was well conceived, the production was well done, and it was full of characters we enjoyed watching. And I can't wait for the next one, which is bringing back some other known giant monsters.


With that said, while watching the newest version of Godzilla, despite loving the fact that Legendary chose to spend quality time and money on the project, and hired Gareth Edwards to helm it, I still have just a few issues with the film.

First, it is one of the best Godzilla movie ever made, except for the first few.

There was a lot of marketing with Bryan Cranston, but, apparently he cost too much to keep alive in the movie past the first act.

Honest Trailers added it up and out of a two-hour movie, Godzilla appears in just under 12 minutes of footage. Really?OK, so maybe a fire-breathing monster's dialog is limited and it is important to have some kind of plot.

I hated his giant stumpy feet.

Not fond of how pudgy they made him. He needs to get out there and do some cardio between films.

I hated how almost all the time the Godzilla scenes were in the dark.

OK, sure, all you have is your rifle or 9mm pistol to shoot threatening things, but seriously, shooting at the big giant monsters?


Here's something of note that many long-time fans might have caught on to:

Long-time fans of the franchise know that Godzilla has been a friend of humanity in one form or another, and in some subtle ways, Edwards portrayed that in a few moments of the film.

Did you notice that when 'Zilla was approaching the San Francisco Bay Area, before plowing into the Navy ships, he stops short of ramming any of them. He then gently comes up through the swarm of ships, not destroying a single one.

There were moments when missiles that were fired from the Navy ships were headed straight for the Golden Gate Bridge, but 'Zilla put his back scales in the way to protect the bridge and the people on it.

He took a lot of shit, missiles, bullets and what not, without retaliating once at the humans.

So Godzilla truly is still a friend of humanity in this film.


OK... I'm done. This piece was a result of having seen the film a number of times on my pay channel. I keep watching it every time it comes on. I can't help myself.

Since I quoted Honest Trailers, here's their version for the film. (Remember, they are honest, and I take them in good fun.)


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