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News for STAR WARS The Force Awakens; ASH vs EVIL DEAD; Captain America Civil War; CASTLE; GOTHAM; POWER RANGERS news

Ash vs. Evil Dead: The funny news of the week is that Starz "renewed" their new Ash vs Evil Dead series starring Bruce Campbell, before season one has even premiered.

Captain America Civil War: Rumors suggest we'll get our first trailer for this movie some time in December and supposedly will be attached to Star Wars The Force Awakens. That's a duh.

Castle producers, in an interview made it clear they are not killing off one of their co-leads. Duh.

Comic Book Store Locator: Have you ever wanted to find a comic book sotre near you but weren't sure where they are? Now you can know it all. Or at least where comic book stores are:
It seems to work OK for me.

Gotham: Nathan Darrow has been cast as Victor Fries, aka Mr. Freeze.

Grandfathered got a full season order from FOX.

Monopoly Board Game Origins Movie: There's a film being developed about the origins of Monopoly. No, it won't be a board game movie like Battleship was, but rather, it will be like the Facebook movie, The SOcial Network, and how nasty and dark that origin film was. Apparently Monopoly has its own dark past of creation.

Power Rangers movie: Word on the street is that the name of the upcoming new movie will be called Saban's Power Rangers. (Really?) And rumors suggest it won't be a reboot now but a continuation of the franchise. And obviously the co-creator of the franchise wanted his name on the movie title.

Star Wars The Force Awakens: J.J. Abrams announced that that last trailer that came out last week will be the last one until the movie opens. But my guess is that Disney, being Disney, will start pummeling fans with clips and more than likely, spoiler-filled clips, if experience has anything to say.

The Brink, despite getting "renewed" by HBO, has now been cancelled. (Like I've always said, just because they prematurely renew a show for a season before this season starts does not mean it will actually happen... it's just marketing spin to make you think it's interesting. Yes, I'm a dour guy.)

The Grinder got itself a full season order from FOX.

Wicked City Premiere: No, I did not watch it, but apparently neither did anyone else. I guess folks are tired of ABC's attempt at sexy story lines.

Wonder Woman movie: Chris Pine confirmed what we suspected/knew months ago, and that he is in the new Wonder Woman movie.
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