Static Bits: Renewals, Casting, and Sequel news For TYRANT, CATCH FIRE, POWER RANGERS, JURASSIC WORLD, MAD MAX and...

TV and Movie News Bits: Renewals, Casting, and Sequel news For TYRANT, CATCH FIRE, POWER RANGERS, JURASSIC WORLD, MAD MAX and...

Today we chat a bit about some news that includes renewals, casting for upcoming movies and a bit on a sequel or two. Plus, there is one more Resident Evil film coming at us. Yes, but at least it has the word final in the title!


TV Renewal Notes

FX has renewed Tyrant for a third season of brotherly love and intradiction. It will be a 10-episode count.


AMC has renewed Halt and Catch Fire for a third season.

For some reason the series creators have been bumped to showrunners, aka, producers. It's really... odd, how AMC can have such turbulence within their ranks of some of their good shows.

Here's the other weird catch: Production will remain in Atlanta while the story moves to Silicon Valley.

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Movie Casting Notes

Right now, it looks like Naomi Scott has been cast in the role of the Pink Ranger in that upcoming Power Rangers remake movie.

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Movie Sequel Stuff

So Jurassic World has come and gone, setting box office records, partly due to the big ticket prices of 2D inflation, the big 3D and IMAX movie ticket prices, and the like.  But rumors on the street are suggesting that there are hopes for several more movies from this big one. Plus there are suggestive lines in this film, like when Dr. Wu says 'we’re not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur.' Man, talk about a set up line.  It could suggest competitive companies making dinosaurs that get out too?

And as quoted in one interview, the premise of running away from dinosaurs on an island can get old. So, um, like, sure... let's start having people run from them on the mainland. That will be so much more different!

Hell, I'd even suggest that the next one jumps 50 years into the future, where dinosaurs have re-taken the planet and we're a straggling species trying to get our foothold back.  Hmm... too much "Planet of the Apes" like?

But still, all this running around from things that can eat us will get old, no matter where it takes place. We need some Pacific Rim or Avengers action in the mix!


So Mad Max Fury Road was more about NOT Max and all about Charlize Theron's character.  But some rumors are floating around that Theron will not be returning to the franchise when they crank up the next one.  (George Miller hopes to get two more out.)

Right now the only recurring actor said to be signed up is Tom Hardy. In fact he's locked in for three more films. But stay calm, getting locked up for three films does not mean three are coming. That's just good business planning by the studio to make sure they have Hardy for that many, just in case.

Have some fun with the Honest Trailers look at the latest Mad Max movie... (it does contain spoilers)

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Ali Larter is signed on to return to the next Resident Evil movie, called Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Which is cool, I like her character for all kinds of reason in this popcorn gnawing fun flick. Though to be honest, they should just call the flicks Resident Milla Jovovich's Only Acting Gig: The Final Chapter.

OK, just kidding. I don't mind watching her either.

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