THE LAST SHIP Season Two Review

THE LAST SHIP Season Two Review

I just power binged through the second season of TNT's summer series, The Last Ship and to be honest, I did not dislike it. When you binge watch something, if done just right, feels like a very long action movie. Or in this case, that's how The Last Ship felt like.

The series is executive produced by Michael Bay, Hank Steinberg, and a few others. Michael Bay's name seems to be attached in association only while Steinberg is the active executive producer.

The series is based of a 1988 book of the same name, written by William Brinkley and it basically about a virus that hits the planet and instead of zombies, it just kills people and ends up killing over 80% of the Earth's population.

The guided missile destroyer USS Nathan James is at sea when the plague hits and the 218 crew complement are not infected by the virus because they had no contact with anyone. But many of the crew are impacted as their own families die from the disease.

The cast includes Eric Dane (Yes, from Grey's Anatomy) who plays a good Commanding officer of the ship, Rhona Mirtra plays Dr Rachell Scott, the scientist who takes shelter on board the ship to create a cure.

Other cast includes Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, Sam Spruell, and more.


This second season saw our heroes facing off against a nemesis that decided to take advantage of the virus that swept the world and create a new-world order in their own image. They pretended to back the United States President and what not, looking to appear benign and benevolent.

All the while, they were infecting people dressed as our Navy heroes while staging fake attacks trying to make it look like the Nathan James was pulling off the attacks.

The bad guys were a frustrating and insidious bunch using subterfuge to get their way.


The season had a bit of a slow start but once you got into what I might refer to as "act 2" of the season, things were picking up and by the time I was in "act 3," I was pretty eager to get to the next episode. I mean, the Nathan James was hated by humanity, but they had a way to fix this. Could they in time?

Overall, an enjoyable season for me to watch.

If you like post-apocalyptic stories but without the gore of zombies, this show just might do it for you.

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