'Star Trek' On CBS, Syfy's New Vampire Show, $6B Man, 'Greatest American Hero' Coming Back

Remember I mentioned that Star Trek was alive and well with an online version of the show? And a long, long time ago there was rumor of a Star Trek series? That rumor is coming to fruition.

A new Star Trek series is coming to CBS. Notice I did not say CBS TV.

Because the movies are using the original characters, we will be getting all new characters in this Kurtzman produced series and the series will premiere a preview episode on CBS and then be "airing" on CBS All Access, their streaming service.

Look... that's great that a new Star Trek series is coming out. But I already pay enough bucks out each week to watch basic networks, a little extra to watch cable channels, more to watch the special tier channels, even more to watch movie channels, and then some more if I want to rent something that just came to the rental market. And even more on Amazon Prime, and just a little bit more on Netflix. Yea, I can't put any more out there...

I'm not even touching on the network owned Hulu service because I won't go near the Fox/NBC/Disney owned streaming service.


Syfy Orders a new series called Van Helsing. It will be a 13-episode series and will be focused on Vanessa Helsing, the daughter of the famed vampire hunting character. In this spin she finds she has certain powers in a world taken over by vampires.


Remember 'The Six Million Dollar Man?' With inflation and all, the franchise is getting a reboot and right now is being called 'The Six Billion Dollar Man' and will be produced by and starring Mark Wahlberg and right now, if it does not fall through the floorboards, will premiere in theaters on December of 2017.

I loved that series as a kid...  despite how diluted it got when they had all the different bionic spinoffs.


Greatest American Hero Remake

Fox is tackling a remake of the old, three-season series, The Greatest American Hero. This story is about an average guy who finds himself in possession of a suit that gives him amazing powers and he ends up using it for good. More or less, as he bumbles through trying to save the world over and over.

Greatest American Hero products on Amazon

I remember watching it but I'm not sure how I'm going to absorb it this time around. It was quirky and fun in its time...

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