AMERICAN HORROR STORY Tackles The Slender Man (Only A Rumor)

1/28/16:  You've heard the rumors and news about stupid people pursuing The Slender Man, right? In case you haven't, per Wikipedia:

"The Slender Man (also known as Slenderman) is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen (a.k.a. "Victor Surge") in 2009. It is depicted as resembling a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and usually featureless face, wearing a black suit.

Stories of the Slender Man commonly feature him stalking, abducting or traumatizing people, particularly children.

It or he originated out of a Photoshop contest. And yet the entity has captured the imagination of many online surfers and seems to now be considered common digital folklore. And sad folklore as a few assaults and suicides have been credited to children being told to do things by this entity.


Be it as it may, rumors are surfacing that FX's American Horror Story will be focusing on this creature in its upcoming season, which, as far as I can tell, will only give it more credence in the (feeble) minds of some, while adding an entirely new layer of fright for others.

Obviously, there will be more to follow as details, casting and other tidbits become available from FX.

1/29/16: Apparently it was just some baseless rumor, much like the Slender Man himself.

FX announced in a round about fashion that they'll be pursuing another story line that has been hinted at in previous seasons. In other words, sticking to their game plan that has been working so well for them so far.

New details about the upcoming season will be coming out in March. So until then, buckle up, rewatch all five seasons to see if you can find a clue, and hear what they have to say when March gets here.

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