Brace Yourself For More Disappointing SUPER BOWL Ads This Year

Well, it's that time of year again, when the Super Bowl will dominate the airwaves for the next week or so and along with it, will be the television ads that will accompany the football game.

The ads that play during and around the Super Bowl have to date, acquired quite the reputation for being big and entertaining ads.

And in the day, when Budweiser could or did use "too cute" frogs, horses and scantily clad beer drinkers, it was true. The ads were fantastic.

But now-a-days, there's been so much damn hype about these fantastic ads that cost between $8 and $9 million per minute, (not counting production costs), that we come to expect big things. Hell there are now ads pumping up the ads and YouTube channels that will populate with the ads prior to or after they air.

But to be honest, most of the ads these days are pretty damn boring. Or maybe the hype has set them up to feel pretty boring, because most of them don't live up to the hype any more.

What comes to mind in recent years is "Darth Vader Kid" and Budweiser's Clydesdale horses. Yea, the same horses that the fairly new owners are scaling back on using in promotional material.

But with the advent of the perceived popularity of Super Bowl TV ads, we've seen this new trend where advertisers have now fallen into three categories of adverts:

- Those who release their ads before the game;

- Those who have teasers for their ads during the game;

- Those who keep it all under wraps until the ad airs during the game.

This kind of marketing scheme and hype gives advertisers anywhere from seven to 21 days to pump up their crap before we watch it during the game.

Or we can wait until its all on YouTube and not care about the product later, because usually the emotions stirred from an ad do not relate in any way to the product, but they want that feel-good association with their product.


Regardless of the product, here's two of the better ads, and they're both VW ads.

(I'll never ever buy another VW after experiencing my wife's, but the ads are cute.)

But I think this is one of the best of all-time, considering who the little star was and all. In fact, it has been the most shared Super Bowl ad from You Tube, ever since its inception.

But first, a preview of things to come!!!


-By the way, the kid who played mini-Darth had a heart condition, and in 2015, he got himself a new pacemaker generator. Yay for Max Page!
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