Disney Gets Called On Carpet For STAR WARS Toys Character Omission

On yet another Disney note, this one, maybe not so good.

If you recall, a bunch of merchandise came out in support of the new Star Wars film, and at first, it was only an annoyance that the character Rey was not a solid part of those toy releases, including one Monopoly set.

Yet as it was questioned before the film came out, it was after the premiere that people screamed and toy makers responded by ramping up new toys with Rey included.

Here's the weird part to this whole thing:

In the movie Rey is the hero so excluding her seems odd at best.

But according to reports, allegedly toy makers were instructed by the Disney-owned Lucasfilm to exclude her character from their products.

{“One or more individuals raised concerns about the presence of female characters in the Star Wars products,” Boehm reports. “Eventually, the product vendors were specifically directed to exclude the Rey character from all Star Wars-related merchandise.”

Allegedly, the industry insider was told, “No boy wants to be given a product with a female character on it.”}

With these alleged decisions being called out by an anonymous source, it does seem to go hand-in-hand with what consumers experienced with toys that came out, including that previously mentioned monopoly set.

Reportedly, Disney's response to the character missing in toys was that they wanted to preserve the surprise and avert spoilers.


Or that they expected Kylo Ren to be the big breakout toy/character from the film.

Meh...  sure, Kylo was evil. Sure he was a force to be reckoned with. But shit, all the mystery was taken out of his character when he pulled off his helmet so early on in the film and did not look ferocious or mean. Instead, we had a gangly, confused male super-model.

And I don't care "what he did to whom" later on in the film. He just did not strike me as that big a deal now that the mystery around his character, or who he was, was revealed.

He was the bad guy, but he wasn't even foreboding. He was just a typical bad guy that no one will be quoting for centuries, unlike his predecessor, Darth.

As far as omitting Rey from toys and games, it seems like a sexist-pig move on someone's part.

But that's just my opinion on the matter.

reference: hypable.com

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