Marvel's JESSICA JONES on Netflix: Quirky, Fun and Daring Darkness

Marvel's JESSICA JONES review

Being my usual, on-top-of everything kind of guy, I just watched the first two episodes of Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix.  Yea, yea, I know, it's been out for a while.

The show stars Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Eka Darville, David Tennant, Carrie-Anne Moss, Mike Colter (As our introduction to LUKE CAGE) and more.


The first episode is something you DON'T want to watch in Starbucks or around your kids because it covers some steamy territory that might upset some or have you explaining things to your kids. There's not a lot of it, but there's enough.

But that's minor while the first episode took us through some quirky fun stuff demonstrated by our seriously flawed main character, Jessica Jones.(Ritter)

The first two-thirds of the first episode we watch her go through her routine, we learn she's a private investigator who chases cheaters and uses her powers to influence minor events around her.If you don't pay close attention, you may not even know she's super-powered... that is, until she picks up a car to catch a guy. But that's a minor thing.


It's a perfectly paced intro episode, slow paced but not in a bad way. With her issues, she's nearly a perfect dark character with just enough quirky humor that the darkness does not prevail your own mood.

It's got a sexy edge to it but not so much to be distracting.

And the premiere episode is so sublime, that we never see the bad guy, Kilgrave or "The Purple Man," played by David Tennant. We only think we hear him, once.

But it's evident that this guy freaks out Jessica beyond extremes but she can't get away from him fast enough once she realizes he's in town.

If you like dark, flawed heroes, this one is perfect for you. And if you like old, detective style movies, you will LOVE the saxophone music background atmosphere.

How they handle the super powers of both Jessica and Luke are sublime and not over-done at all. It's almost funny how Cage handles a bar fight.

Now this review is of the first two episodes, and a wee bit into the second episode, so I can't speak for the entire 13-episode series, but I can't imagine it will suck. Marvel has been pulling off good stuff in the shadows of their Cinematic Universe.

There are a few flaws, like how she fast talks her way into information at times, but it's forgiven for the overall fun we'll be having watching the rest of the series.

If you're a Marvel fan and haven't caught this offering yet, you will enjoy it. And it's the perfect compliment to Daredevil, which is coming out for season two in March.

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