STAR WARS Ep VIII Release Date Changed

Disney changes premiere date of next STAR WARS film

Word on the street is that Disney moved Star Wars Ep VIII release date back several months from its original premiere date so now it is opening on Dec 15, 2017.

Though there's been no official reason, one response has been that  “the move follows the extraordinary success of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

Which to me, means that Disney just realized that they can dominate the movie market at the end of the year due to a serious amount of weak contenders that are released during the holidays. And that success can carry over for a month into the next year because of the lull of tent-pole releases.


The first new film was also delayed from an original May opening date to December due to a number of production reasons, which shortened the planned production time span for the next film.

But with new creative forces behind the next film, at first I didn't see how that could be important.

But what else is important is how the movie fans embraced some of the new characters, who originally, according to reports, were not going to be as prominent in the next film. This surprised Disney, so some retooling of stories had to be done.

Bottom Line...

It's all about the money gang, not the fans. But in the end, fans get what they want, and get it at time of year where they won't have to pick and choose from too much on what movie to see, if they're on a budget.

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