DEADPOOL Review (A Glib, Sarcastic Fun Marvel Flick [WARNING: TAKE NO CHILDREN])

DEADPOOL Movie Review... if you can call it that

The review of Marvel's Deadpool...  wait... first, A WARNING, then an opinion I call a movie review, and then the spoilers later on...

If you think this is going to be another Marvel comic character movie that you want to take the kids to, DO NOT. DO NOT TAKE THE KIDS to Deadpool, unless you like explaining wild and crazy sex, gratuitous strip club scenes, and other curious sexual references. (Hey, Reynolds himself even warned everyone to not take your kids, then bitch about it later...)

Otherwise, Deadpool (That's Mr. Pool) is what one might expect after seeing the trailers: It's glib, riddled with sarcasm, laced around a story where Deadpool is hunting down a bad guy, not because he's a bad guy, but because he wants something from him. Nothing more. Oh, and the action scenes are quite superb for what they are!

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a mercenary who gets cancer and turns to a magic cure offered by some unknown cretin. The process is long and ugly but when it finally takes, it finds the latent mutant genes in Wilson and subsequently, names himself after his local bar's betting pool of who, among the mercenaries who frequent the place, will die.

And don't worry, Wilson continually reminds us he's not a hero, in so many ways.

But it's not all about the grimy action. There's love too. The kind of love two completely sarcastic, narcissistic individuals spark in each other. It's sweet how they meet... See later in the spoilers section.

His love interest is played by the seductively gorgeous Morena Baccarin.

Deadpool movie review... Wilson says it's thumbs up!

Any how, though I have never touched a Deadpool title in print, I suspect this will satisfy 'pool' fans nicely.

If you like the same kind of sarcasm from most of the characters in a film, you'll love this film.

If love slightly graphic masturbation references, you'll love this.

If you love a film making fun of itself, you WILL love this film.

There are some great moments that make you think of 'Scary Movie' kind of schlap-schtick humor, and then at times, it sneaks up and gits you too.

And yes, Stan Lee made his usual Marvel movie appearance.

OH, and yes, there are TWO after/during-credits scenes, but not the kind you might think, I mean, this is Deadpool.

If you like the Marvel movie sense of veiled sarcastic humor, they pull that veil off pretty harshly and shove it down our throats.

But if it's one thing I didn't see coming, was how quickly Marvel dared to dive into the vulgar, violent, sexy world of Deadpool

Deadpool fans will love it. Marvel film fans will probably enjoy it.

I have to wonder if it will last the test of time, considering a lot of his references and bashes are aimed at things in the Marvel world, today? We'll see.

It's already setting February box office records... Like that's hard to do! SO it's being received well enough, as it seems to be along its way to a $90M weekend.

Which means fans were proven right by Marvel taking this chance, and we'll probably get to see Ryan Reynolds cater to his inner snarky self once again.

It's getting above average reviews from around the more popular review sites,. Hell, even gave it two stars!

REMEMBER, No younger kids, at the theater or during the home-viewing when it hits the home market! None... nada! Zip, zilch, zero! Unless you want them to start considering losing their virginity at the age of 10. I mean, the average age of losing it is 14... why rush it with this film???

Oh, and ladies, keep your eyes out... you will see Reynolds penis! Like I said... no kids.

- - -


No, really, spoilers that will take some of the fun shock fun out of seeing them.

So you've been spoiler warned.


How Deadpool meets the love of his life:  she's a hooker, he's horny. But when he offers her a large sum of money, asking what it will get him, she tells him  48 minutes, anything he wants. He takes her to an arcade. Didn't see that coming!

Seriously, I wish he would quit forgetting to bring his bag of weapons!

I love the two X-Men characters in the film... who live in that house that gets destroyed every two years.

I loved the reference to that first, botched film version with Deadpool, where Wilson says, don't go there. It's a place you can never come back from.

I loved the Stan Lee appearance... in the strip club.

I loved the various references to plot points to further the movie along, in reference to the Marvel film universe, etc., etc... Like why there is no other X-Man than the two b-liners, because they can't afford anyone else.

They even open the film with early credits...  calling the story writers and director various names like tools and things... they are more colorful than accurate.  I think.

If you've seen the trailers, you've seen the first third of the film, but it's broken up with origin flashback scenes.

I loved the battle on the hellicarrier. I'll leave the rest for you to see.

That during-credits scenes...  is a direct mimic of one of the original after-credits scene pioneers, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and DOES NOT offer a glimpse into anything but more sarcasm. Hey, you stuck around... you pay the price.

AND THE FUNNIEST thing about the after-credits scene is that Wilson tells the movie-goers don't be d-bags and leave your trash behind. And by god, with the movie theater staff standing there with trash bags in hand, laughing their asses off, everyone in the theater took their trash out with them.

No matter what else, I think that'sgoing to be the literary contribution to the wold of movies... having main characters tell movie-goers to take their trash out.

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