Holy ancient history! ABC is going to revive the old game show, Match Game, and they will be adding it to their 2016 summer schedule.  Alec Baldwin will host.

Speaking of ABC, if you are expecting the second season of Secrets and Lies to air, for some reason they're holding back it's second season premiere yet again. They already postponed the premiere once and apparently, they're doing it again.


AMC announced that the premiere of the second half of Hell on Wheels fifth season will air starting June 11th.

These seven upcoming episodes will be the shows final eps, concluding the run this show had on AMC, finishing out the story of Cullen Bohannon played by the ruggedly handsome Anson Mount.


Neill Blomkamp is working on another Alien film. This one is not a ragged continuation in the direction of Ridley Scott's latest traumas, Alien Covenant, but rather, will be a continuation of the older film series.

Blomkamp is known for dark and dirty world settings. In fact most of his films spotlight those seedy, run-down looking shanty town feel. So you can expect that in this film. Or at least I think so.

But what you might not know is that Blomkamp is skirting around film franchise history and is reportedly bringing back CPL Hicks and Rebecca "Newt" Jordan.

The filming of this project was put on hold while Ridley Scott finishes up Alien Covenant, but at the moment, I haven't seen any casting notes, like if Micheal Biehn or Carrie Henn will return. Henn played Newt the first time around in Aliens.


In case you're interested, UP acquired the off-net rights to all 103 episodes of Parenthood. It will premiere on UP starting May 30th.

As a quickie reminder, Stana Katic and Tamala Jones will not be returning for the ninth season of ABC's Castle. If they even get a ninth season.


The History Channel Renewed Alone for a third season.

MTV renewed The Shannara Chronicles for a second season.


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