CASTLE (And NASHVILLE) Have Been Cancelled

Entertainment Weekly and other sources are reporting that ABC has cancelled Castle after an eight season run. Other sites have reported that Nashville, too, has been cut.

This means two interesting possibilities, but after last week's previews, it seems something bad is going to happen to someone.

So as we had previously heard, in that ABC was looking to cut costs and in so doing, was going to cut Stana Katic and Tamala Jones, yet it seems that possibly any potential story mix without those two outweighed the idea of keeping the series going with just Richard Castle, considering his being involved with the PD included Beckett.

But the next to last episode of the season, we saw previews with people crying. So does Kate die no matter what? Or was this something or someone else?

In earlier interviews during the middle of the season the production executives were quoted to saying they weren't killing off any co-leads. But would Katic, being cut from the series before it was cancelled, make her eligible to not be a co-lead?


As it stands, despite the quirky fun that Castle represented, it was getting old and they were running out of angles to parlay into a story.

But I will miss those two other nut cases, Kevin and Javier!


What I find curious is that much earlier today there were reports flying around that Nathan Fillion (Castle), Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan) and Jon Huertas (Javier) all signed on for an additional year.


I can hope a show with just those three comes to fruition, can't I?

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