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If you like Dwayne Johnson, you're going to love this news.  Johnson is set to star in an upcoming action thriller film, The Janson Directive. And now Universal Pictures is jumping on the universe bandwagon a bit by saying that this first film will be part of a planned cinematic universe based on the novels of the late Robert Ludlum, the man who brought us the Jason Bourne stories/movies.

Or it could be code for incoming sequels.


 Hey, Netflix launched its own internet connection speed test last week. Sure, it's one more in a long line of many, but it's Netflix!  The site is called fast.com and it is designed to test mobile or broadband internet connection speeds.


Now that Nashville is cancelled, it seems fans of the show are getting together and trying to start a campaign to bring it back. Even though I've seen these campaigns work at times, it's usually for a very finite and limited amount of time because the bottom line is ratings and if not enough people tune in, well, that's how a show gets cancelled to begin with!


There are some rumors running about that Marvel is considering bringing a few new characters/shows to Netflix. The rumors include Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Blade.

To be honest, it would be cool, but most of their shows they do, they try to base in a world as close to reality as they can get. Well, except for the Thor and Doctor Strange film properties.  These three characters will definitely skip over that line in the sand that splits the grounded world of reality from the fanciful.

Well, except for Blade... since zombies and vampires are real!

We'll see.

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