THE BACHELORETTE: Chad Vs The World (All Women Take Note!)

Aside from the usual mushy stuff that goes on in ABC's dating game show, The Bachelorette, we have a few things to look at from this last episode. But last night's episode, did you catch those totally inappropriate camera angles with the yoga instructor? Come on ABC!!!

Back on point...

First, poor Evan. He jumps in a pool and he gets a nose bleed. He catches a football and gets a nose bleed.

Poor guy.

Then there's Chad.

Chad's verbal skills are on par with an Ape. He has the shortest conversations with everyone, and they almost all end with him threatening to punch them in their mouth.

Everyone, to a tee, had the same experience.

Then there's how EVERYONE in the house is making it about him, and they should all leave him alone and quit talking to him. I don't know if Chad has noticed, but everyone seems to have a problem with him and he doesn't seem to see it or have the ability to recognize it.

As much fun as Chad was in the first few episodes, his mode of always turning to violence to resolve everything is pretty disappointing.

Then there's the reality of how he is VERY confident in himself and he's so blind that when he gets dumped, he wonders if he's getting pranked? LOL.

Uh ho, I better be careful what I say or he may hunt me down after the show.

Then again, there's ABC letting Chad be this way, and even letting him return to the house after getting evicted.

Meh, well, we'll see in two weeks what Chad does at the front door, while the previews have some definite excitement in them. But are they what they look like? I ask because so far every week, we see previews that lead us to think one thing and they don't even relate to what was implied.

We'll see. Right?

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