JASON BOURNE (2016) Review

JASON BOURNE (2016) Review

"Jason Bourne" is back, and for Bourne franchise fans, that was some of the best news we heard in a long time. At least back when it was announced.

Director Paul Greengrass returns to helm another Bourne film, while Matt Damon returns with him to reprise the role he took a break from in the previous Bourne film that starred Hawkeye...

Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander star, as well as Julia Stiles returns to reprise her role of Nicky Parsons, Bourne's known associate, who, like Bourne, went underground to stay out of sight of the evils of the government agencies that created the projects that created Bourne.


In this incarnation of our amnesiac hero, Jason is pulled out from under the rock he was hiding under by Nicky, yet again, as she tells him about some new evil plan a particular fed department is planning to unleash. In the same tease, she tells him she's learned more about his past than he thought he knew.

How can he resist, right?

So here's the thing. You know what to expect from another Bourne film, and according to over 35,000 voters, they enjoyed it, giving the film a 7.1/10 on IMDb.


This film was a bit different from past Damon films.

In the past, our ex-asset found himself tackling multiple present-day assets in some brutal and wonderfully technical hand-to-hand combats to keep his own ass alive.

But this film is more of a cat-and-mouse chase, with one primary asset out to get Bourne, and only one really good, long, drawn out battle between them, in, of all places, a darkened tunnel.

Gone were the multiple encounters where Bourne got to show his supremacy, versatility and endurance in these rough and tumble rumbles. Present, were more little ploys of subterfuge and running from the folks with guns and satellites.

In the beginning, there is one heck of a vehicle chase, and in the end, another one. In between, Jason just keeps them guessing.


To be honest, I LOVE the Bourne film franchise, but in this case, I could not agree with the 7.1 IMDb score. Albeit, it is a smarter, slightly violent film, and many may very well enjoy it, but I like those technically correct sparring sessions and I missed them.

If you like more story and less fighting, then you will love "Jason Bourne."  If you love the spats, you will probably be a bit let down, though not disappointed, I am sure.

But I'm giving it a 6/10 on the popcorn review scale from here at Cinema Static. I was OK that I dropped bucks on it in the theater, but I think I would have liked to spend it on something else more exciting to see.

But since everything else that I want to see is being shoved at me in 3D in the time slots I usually go to, I opted for Bourne.

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