LUKE CAGE, Harlem's Hero: The Best Street-Wise Hero Show Ever

LUKE CAGE, The Best Street-Wise Hero Show Ever

Marvel's Luke Cage, starring Mike Colter as Luke Cage, with Alfre Woodard, Simone Missick, Theo Rossi, (Yes, that Theo Rossi, AKA, Juice) Mahershala Ali, Rosario Dawson and more.

To be honest, there's so much good to say about the show that I'm not sure where to start.

I'm so sad that Luke Cage on Netflix only had 13 episodes. The story was more gripping than anything Netflix and Marvel have put out together to date and I can't wait for the next season of the show.

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The series is about a man turned into a super-hero against his will, and while he tried living a quiet life, finds himself reluctantly pulled into the limelight and having to stand up to evil in its many forms.

Colter plays the bullet-proof hero like a man possessed. All he wants to do is be left alone, and they won't let it be. He fixes one problem, another pops up. Each new problem is more deadly and vicious than the previous. I feel like they cast this character well. Luke is not super fast or gymnastically inclined, but like a bulldozer, he can get the job done.

Alfre Woodard is deliciously captivating in her character progression throughout the episodes. You definitely enjoy hating her. I mean, she is a politician, right?

The one who stood out to me, as a fan of his from his Sons of Anarchy days, is Theo Rossi (Who played Juice on SoA). In Luke Cage, Rossi plays Hernan "Shades" Alvarez, the right-hand man to crime boss Diamondback (Erik LaRay Harvey).

Rossi delivered the smoothest, most dangerously intelligent bad-ass criminal that I have ever seen. My perspective might be biased because I liked his character in SoA. And this is the first time I've sen Rossi since SoA retired and he's only been in three projects since SoA... Bad Hurt, Lowriders, & When the Bough Breaks. He's totally found his niche in this role of Shades.

Fans of Leo Rossi will love this role.


Through and through, Luke Cage is yet another street-level Marvel series showing the world the darker side of the Marvel universe's heroes, and doing it well. It's very very dark and comes from the more mature realm of Marvel, where we see the sex and gory violence.

But it is also not without Marvel's classic tweaks of humor, abut it's done on a much more minimalist level than the movies or ABC. In fact it's done just right so the humor points are pretty funny.

Parental Warning:  Sure, this is a Marvel product on Netflix, but this, like all the other Marvel products on Netflix, are ADULT productions. Each title will touch on the realm of sex at least once in the season. (So far) And then moves on. In the first episode of Luke Cage we will see a lap dance, some "love" and then a bit more.  At some point, if your kids have watched it, they might ask you what it means to go out for coffee.  There's a constant reference throughout the show to going out for coffee with a lady. And Luke hates coffee.


When all is said and done, Luke Cage is an excellent production. A tale of a hero who wants to lay low, but by code of honor, finds himself standing up to the bad guys. And BTW, as far as bad guys go, they will definitely surprise you in this one.  You'll see what I mean.


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