DC To Try GREEN LANTERN Movie Character Again

Word on the street is that DC is going to be inserting a Green Lantern character somewhere in the 2017 Justice League movie. It's been said that the appearance won't be revisiting the character that got screwed up on film when Ryan Reynolds played the part, but rather, some other member of the Green Lantern Corp.

And yes, so far, there is still a Green Lantern Corps movie on the schedule for 2020.

As Reynolds more or less put it in an interview, for a decent film to happen, you have to have a script done and ready before filming, and not have a working version while filming. Dang...

No wonder the Green Lantern film flopped so bad. What a shame, because they had a great opportunity to bring that character to life on the screen, and it's not a B-character, and they flopped it? Shame on Martin Campbell!

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