POKEMON GO: Better Tracking; Less Driving And Spinning; Gyms Are Easier To Beat Now With V0.45

Today, after getting the latest update (to Pokemon Go V0.45,) I'm chatting about the new tracking system being tested and how Niantic has put a stop to Pokestop spinning from your cars. And for some reason, Niantic has made it easier to defeat even the toughest gyms now.


Pokemon Tracker

The newest version of the Pokemon Go tracker has expanded a little bit from their testbed of San Francisco. They are now testing in Arizona, Washington State and a much larger region around SF, in the Bay Area.

And to be honest, the new version kind of rocks.

Now when you tap the tracker, it shows you what Pokestop a monster is near. If you can't figure it out, you can tap the image of the Pokestop to make it larger. If for some reason, you are not familiar with the area and where the Pokestop is, tap the 'view' option and it will highlight, where on your map, the Pokestop is.

Now that's a nice and impressive change Niantic!


Can't Spin Pokestops While Driving

Niantic has shut down the ability to spin Pokestops while driving. While that may seem very annoying to some, they're also compensating by now rewarding more goodies per Pokestop spin. This has been announced world wide.

Before you go off on Niantic about this one, remember, some serious dumbshits have gotten in trouble while driving and playing the game. It's because of your fellow gamer this has happened.


Gym Prestige is changing

So where once you were to look at a level-10 gym and think, well, that's out of reach. Or that you've populated a level-10 gym, thinking your investment is safe, think again.

Now rival gyms can lose up to 1000 pts per defender's loss and another 1000 for kicking the gym leaders ass.

This means, per estimates, that you can now take down a level-10 gym by yourself in under 30 minutes, which can also mean that with gyms so easy to take out, it's not worth it to leave some of your best monsters in a gym.

This also means that if you populate a gym, you may have your pokemon kicked out within the hour, but you will still have to wait for another 20+ hours to be able to reap the benefits of occupying a gym.

IN other words, what's the point any more?

We'll see how things pan out as Niantic reacts to how game players are reacting to the changes.

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This information comes from Pokemon Go Hub. This is one of the best, more intelligently written sites that is covering the game.

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