AGENTS of SHIELD Season Finale Previews

This last season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been one effed up season, where our heroes were first facing off against a wonderfully developed Ghost Rider character, to then, finding themselves mind-effed and stuck in a computer simulation world where Hydra was large and in charge, or as they called it, Agents of Hydra! And don't even get me started with what they've done with Steve Rogers in the comics being a secret Hydra agent all along.

I hate alternate reality episodes like this, so I saved a chunk of time fast-forwarding through a lot of the content and checking out the sticking points of the story. But I also recognized the grand opportunity ABC took to bring back a few characters, or give our heroes a chance to play something other than themselves!

But we have the fourth season finale of Agents of SHIELD coming up, and below, are two previews of a hopeless, gut-wrenching challenge our heroes face. And for gads sake, they better make this a worthy win, and not some last-minute, why didn't we do this sooner, kind of resolution! Right?

Ghost Rider

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