WONDER WOMAN, DC's Best Super Hero Film Ever

WONDER WOMAN Quickie Movie Review
My longer review of Wonder Woman sits over on our parent site, Brusimm.com, but in a nutshell, it was an emotionally gripping and at times, powerful film. Even for a comic book film from the DCEU. And that's saying something, considering I've never been a Wonder Woman fan. Until now.

To he totally honest, I've never cared about or for the character of Wonder Woman. The comic never caught my attention and the aside from her appearance in BvS, my only other exposure to the character was in my scarred memories of what is now considerd to be that most horrid TV sereis.

But back on track, Wonder Woman showed so much more than the character.

It showed how "man" ran the world of people back then, there was wonderful chemistry between Gal Gadot (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) was seamless, what humor there was, flowed smoothly within each moment, and the tale of Diana Prince, her coming of age, of learning the ways of how the world outside her guilded island really ran, was a treasure and frustration point to watch.

And the one moment when she "comes out," and reveals to the world what Diana Prince can do on the battlefield, is one of those character moments or scenes, that truly captured the viewers imagination.

And during the film, not once was the movie title itself used to describe Diana. I thought that was about as sublime as it can get, because to be honest, it would have been too easy to do.

Then there was how we were learning just what Diana Prince is capable of, what powers she truly has, was absolutely amazing to finally discover.  I say 'finally discover,' because as an outsider, kind of non-fan, all I knew was that she was strong, had a few tools/weapons, and, after BvS, was strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the monster that gave Superman a run for his money.

Then that got me thinking, if she can go round for round with Doomsday, she can go round for round with Superman. Then could she actually go round for round with Marvel's Thor? I mean, they're both gods, right?

Anyway, on top of all of this, were moments that will challenge the most sturdy of emotional movie-goers and some of you might need your Kleenex! Just saying.

Bottom line, director Patty Jenkins totally hit it out of the park and left her mark out there for all to see. I WANT TO SEE MORE DC/WB MOVIES FROM JENKINS, not SNYDER. She has the talent and probably comes with a smaller price tag than Snyder! Oh, and I LOVE her theme song...

Oh, BTW, whatever money you might spend on this film, will be worth it. It's the first DCEU film I am actually considering buying when it comes to the home market.

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