New Celebrity BIG BROTHER, The New BACHELOR Named, CASSINI Plummet

I am sure you caught the announcement during one of the episodes, but CBS is going to have a Celebrity edition of Big Brother. It will be a special winter edition with the usual format of a few episodes a week, HOH and POV competitions. SO it will be pretty much the usual, but with celebrity house guests.

During the announcement, they did not mention any cast names but boy, the imagination got ticking!!!

Obviously, or hopefully, they'll staff the house with the usual good-looking, emotionally unstable house guests! And though they did not specify what kind of celebrity, I can only hope we get some great entertainment from this edition, whether it be out-of-date actors and athletes, much like Dancing With the Stars does. Or maybe celebrity past house guests... like Dr. Will and Boogey!

Either way, it should be fun for fans of the series.

Man... look at Paul wrangle this season's nest of house guests. Is he amazing or what? We'll see how far he gets or if the remaining house guests figure him out. I've love to see Paul and Christmas go to the end. Josh... well, he's likable, but a loose cannon!

The show is slated to premiere in the winter of 2018.


ABC announced that Arie Luyendyk Jr. will be the next Bachelor looking for love on their hit dating game show, The Bachelor. And apparently ABC was going for someone else, but Arie was their last-minute choice!

Really, Arie? They have all those great guys out there and they pick this guy? He was on the show six years ago and he caused quite the stir then, with his questionable relationship status outside the game show just before going on, right?

And this time, apparently Arie had a girlfriend, then dumped her just just a few weeks before his casting call was announced. Of course, this latest girl of 'his dreams' was someone he met over an Instagram DM. LOL. And his casting had been in "talks for a few years" about doing this.

Of course this latest ex is as blonde as can be, and supposedly, right after their break-up, she applied for this upcoming season of The Bachelor! Until she found out who the male contestant will be.

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Mark Your Calendars!  Or not...

Hey... the Science Channel will be following  the final moments of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft before it slams into Saturn in “Space’s Deepest Secrets,” premiering Tuesday, September 19 at 9 p.m. ET. Right before that, Science Channel will have a live telecast on September 15 at 7:50 a.m., broadcasting Cassini’s final minutes before slapping into the big ringed planet.

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Did you know that IFC's Portlandia is ending? Yep, Portlandia is going to premiere it's eighth and final season on Thursday, January 18.

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