COWBOY BEBOP Live-Action Series Coming To TV

It looks like someone feels like since the animated series of Cowboy Bebop was pretty popular, that they're going to take a swing at a live-action version of the animated series. It's been called one of the most successful anime series ever.

The premise behind Cowboy Bebop is that....

Humanity has left an uninhabitable planet Earth for colonized planets where space bounty hunters, called cowboys, make a living tracking down criminals. The show will follow the crew of the Bebop, piloted by a con artist, his partner, a former police officer, another con artist with amnesia, a hacker and a freaky intelligent corgi.

With that said, no cast has been announced yet... but for fans of the series, this could be pretty cool. Could be. Then again, when have we seen good adaptations of things like video games and what not?

But it will be executive produced by the same folks who did the original animated version.

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