FLATLINERS Remake Opened To Dreadful Reviews

So the remake of Flatliners is getting trashed hard by critics, where Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev, and Diego Luna take the place of Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon. But at least back in 1990, that film sparked the imagination, but this film, well...

When I saw the trailers for this remake, it did nothing for me. Nothing. And each successive trailer did not make it any more appealing.

On IMDb the original Flatliners got a 6.6/10, after 66k+ votes over the years.

Right now, there are too few votes to make any rating count for the 2017 remake, but after 300 votes, Flatliners 2017 sits at 5.6/10. Which to me is shocking because I have always presumed that the first 500-1,000 votes are usually the studio staff, studio shills asked to support their product and whoever. So, um, I'm guessing even their own people are chiming in when it counts.

And after 29 reviews having chimed in at Rotten Tomatoes, it sits at 0%, or an average rating of 3.5/10.

Some of the reiews say

"... the low-aiming remake feels like just another generic horror flick."


"Not every remake is unnecessary, but the idea only works when the new movie takes the basic premise and takes it in new directions."


"To their credit, the cast tries to bring some life ...but a script with all the depth of a baby pool cannot be saved."


"The message of this remake of the 1990 thriller is that one must own up to his mistakes. If so, the makers and cast of the new 'Flatliners' need to apologize immediately."


"The reboot no one asked for of a movie no one much remembers has landed... and it's dead on arrival, with nothing new to say and no new way to say it."


Yea, they say that RT is ruining the box office performance, but to be honest, if they actually don't put out crap, their would be better things to say about films.

So for now, if you had any thought of seeing the remake, well, I'd take heed from so many like opinions and save my money.

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