Leonardo DiCaprio to Play The Joker?

Reportedly WB is asking Leonardo DiCaprio to play the Joker in their stand-alone solo movie. And Jared Leto IS NOT HAPPY about it.

Of course this solo Joker movie will be... wait for it... yes, an origin film, because, you know, we've never ever seen how The Joker fell into a vat of chemicals that changed him on many levels, forever.

But still, this  film will be set outside the DC universe film world, and to top this all off, supposedly, WB wants Martin Scorsese to be one of the producers.

Now if WB can manage to lure these two mega-names into their superhero film universe, that would be a boon for them. But then again, this seems like yet one more mind-change move on their part, where they're not trusting what they've set up so far.

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Apparently WB wants to compete with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight products.

Meanwhile, Jared Leto, the man who was the last actor to play The Joker, is not fond of this idea and has been in contact with his CAA reps.

Whether WB actually nabs these two A-listers remains to be seen. I think I would be surprised if they took them up on the offer, considering how scattered their films have seen to be so far.

And if they do nab these two, or even one of them, how much control will WB give over to them so they can pull off this master-piece move?  And if they pull it off, how much more money will these two want for any subsequen film?

But then again, we ow have Joss Whedon supporting the finishing touches on the supposedly massive reshoots of The Justice League film but I'm not sure what that could mean if Zack Snyder returns to the WB fold after he's dealt with his family issues.

There are a lot of cards up in the air surrounding WB's DC products. They feel like they're failing when they don't keep up with Marvel movies, but they're not doing that badly. They're just not being phenomanal. Which is what they keep aiming for.

But this aim of theirs seems to keep them off-balance as they keep seemingly changing their plans or tactics regarding their DC products. And it's been that way since the first day many years ago when they announced their plans for a Justice League movie. And then they kept stalling and changing their plans, and what not.

Then they had the every changing landscape of the Suicide Squad film as they kept changing up the product right up to its release.

Egads...  when will they just settle down? Probably never as they keep striving for that perfect film that becomes their 'hit out of the park!'

Oh, and for the record, yea, DiCaprio would probably make an amazing Joker.

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